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5 reasons to study Health Sciences at University of Szeged, Hungary

The origins of University of Szeged, Hungary can be traced back to over 400 years ago, when it was established as the Jesuit Academy of Kolozsvár in 1581. Today, it’s one of Hungary’s top universities, where a vibrant community of over 22,000 students are pursuing higher education.

The university offers a wide range of degree programmes at bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral levels in English, as well as in German and French. The English Language Health Science Programmes alone provides the opportunity to study medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, physiotherapy or nursing.. These are respected by many for good reasons.

Top tier education at a distinguished institution

The University of Szeged is considered a prestigious institution in several national and international rankings. The university is ranked #601-610 in the QS World University Rankings 2024, and #11 in QS World University Rankings: Europe 2024.

Faculty and graduates have gone on to leading positions in their respective fields — and to the peak of industry and research. The school counts two Nobel Prize Laureates as theirs. Albert Szent-Györgyi, who was a professor at that time, won the 1937 Nobel Prize for Physiology or Medicine for his discoveries concerning the roles played by certain organic compounds, especially vitamin C. The university then named the Medical School after him, hoping that his legacy would continue to inspire generations of students.

In 2023, Katalin Karikó, another professor, was the first ever Hungarian woman to receive the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine for her discoveries that aided in COVID-19 mRNA vaccine development. Her achievement stands as a testament to the extraordinary impact that the medical school can have on the world.

Campus situated in the heart of the city

Szeged Medical School

Student Botros Botros Eldaba Mekhael enjoys what the beautiful city has to offer. Source: University of Szeged

Szeged is a city of endless possibilities, known for its stunning architecture, rich cultural heritage, and vibrant atmosphere. This treasure trove of attractions, from grand buildings to historical museums, from bustling local markets to leisurely parks, is waiting to be explored in between your classes.

“My love for Szeged is never-ending,” says Botros Botros Eldaba Mekhael, a Medicine student. “There is no definite campus for the university as the buildings are dispersed throughout the city, but in a way this teaches you to become a curious person, and to visit new places where you will learn new things.”

A multicultural, diverse environment

The university welcomes students from over 130 countries, creating a vibrant environment rich with perspectives from all walks of life. This fosters an environment of inclusivity, understanding, and unity, and helps students develop intercultural skills.

Here, you gain insights into different ways of thinking and problem-solving, whether by collaborating on projects, engaging in discussions, or very likely, both. The supportive atmosphere ensures that you feel at home.

Top-notch facilities, interactive study environment

In 2023, the refurbished Health Sciences Education Centre became the new iconic central building of the Medical School. It is home to the internationally renowned, state-of-the-art Skills Centre and to various laboratories and offices affiliated with the health science faculties. It is also an excellent venue for scientific and training events. .

Along with these facilities, the building hosts a 200-seat lecture hall and several seminar rooms for smaller groups. Professors place great emphasis on theoretical subjects in order to provide a solid basis for clinical training, using the institute’s uniquely equipped labs to allow students to have an in-depth, hands-on experience.

“We work in an environment that is filled with supportive and responsive professors and doctors. They help and clear any complex parts of different subjects,” says Jamal E J Mohammad, a Medicine student. “My first memorable class was anatomy, as I didn’t expect to delve into such an integral medical subject in the first week and see cadavers.”

Szeged Medical School

tudent Jamal E J Mohammad finds his time at the Szeged Medical School a life-changing experience, with plenty of support from friends, staff and professors. Source: University of Szeged

Valuable degrees

Degrees here are fully accepted within the European Union and acknowledged in several other countries. The Hungarian Accreditation Committee (MAB) has supported the accreditation of the Medical School, providing medical students with the chance to continue their studies or take up employment in other countries.

Great discounts

As a bonus, those who sign up before April 30, 2024 will receive a 300 euros discount (approximately US$330) for their first semester. Siblings who are both active students receive the same discount of 300 euros every semester.

These discounts apply only to the General Medicine Programme and the Pharmacy Programme offered by the Medical School and Faculty of Pharmacy, respectively.

Explore the tuition fees for the health science programmes of the University of Szeged here.

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