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Source: University of Regina, Faculty of Science

For significant breakthroughs in science and your future career, the Faculty of Science at the University of Regina is the ideal institution for your undergraduate studies.

In the top 150 THE Young University Rankings 2018, this high-calibre university has established a remarkable reputation. Located in the Canadian prairies on Treaty 4 territory, you’ll be studying science in the heart of a region that has been blessed with natural beauty and diverse cultural offerings.

Degrees that encourage scientific discovery

At the Regina Faculty of Science, departments are split into concentrated subject areas such as Biology, Chemistry and Biochemistry, Computer Science, Economics, Geography, Geology, Mathematics and Statistics, Physics and Pre-professional Programmes.

For aspiring biologists, biochemists, healthcare consultants and ecologists, there’s a diverse assortment of programmes to pick from. From the traditional BSc Biology to the BSc Biology with a Concentration in Cellular and Molecular Biology and the BSc Environmental Biology (Joint program with SIAST and Lethbridge College), you’ll be assessing and solving complex problems and real-world challenges with Regina.

If you prefer to intertwine your interests with tech-based degrees, the Department of Computer Science supplies numerous study frameworks. With the BSc Computer Science, the BSc Combined Computer Science/Mathematics, the BSc Hons Combined Computer Science/Mathematics or the BSc Software Systems Development, your skills will be welcomed in popular fields such as Artificial Intelligence Research, Computer Games Design, Database Administration, IT Consultancy, Software Development and Scientific Programming.

Source: University of Regina, Faculty of Science

Alternatively, for economics enthusiasts, the Regina Faculty of Science will equip you with the skills needed to monitor and forecast economic trends, to evaluate and debate economic arguments and to think analytically and logically. Through the BSc Economics, BSc Hons Economics or BSc Combined Statistics/Economics, you’ll explore disciplines like Government and the Economy, Monetary and Financial Crises, Economics of Sports, Healthcare in Canada and more!

Alongside the distinguished Bachelor’s degrees offered, the Regina Faculty of Science also provides pre-professional programmes that grant students a greater understanding of their chosen subject. For instance, there’s the Chiropractic course with the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College, the Dentistry course with the University of Saskatchewan and the Veterinary Medicine course with the University of Saskatchewan.

Specialised research that underpins innovation

Once you unite your talents with the Faculty of Science at the University of Regina, you’ll gain immediate insights into the school’s forward-thinking research projects.

With departmental research programmes in Biology, Chemistry and Biochemistry, Computer Science, Geology, Mathematics and Statistics and Physics, you’ll be surrounded by inspirational research initiatives and academic agents of change.

Among its many achievements, the Faculty of Science has secured several research advances.

In the computer science sector, a new algorithm called Multi-Tree Cubing has been developed by computer scientists for computing an iceberg cube, which is one of the most expensive operations in online analytical processing.

With regards to biology, biochemists have initiated the study of the functions of Eph receptors in lymphoid cells, with a future goal of understanding the role of the EphB6 receptor in the regulation of cancer T cells.

By housing specialised labs with state-of-the-art facilities, such as the Environmental Quality Analysis Laboratory, the Geomodelling and GIS Research Laboratory, the Interactive Media Laboratory (IML), the Laboratory for Computational Discovery, the Prairie Particle Physics Institute, the Rough Music and Audio Digital Interaction Lab and the Trace Analysis Facility (TAF), here, multidisciplinary research efforts are ongoing.

Source: University of Regina, Faculty of Science

To get involved, undergraduate students are encouraged to apply for the NSERC Undergraduate Student Research Awards or the Industrial Undergraduate Student Research Awards. By working out a topic with a professor, your application process will be administered by the Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research and it will greatly benefit your personal and professional portfolio. You can check out recent Research Projects here!

Unlimited support services for undergraduates

To ensure your undergraduate experience at Regina is the best it can be, the faculty’s student support services are on-hand to assist you with changing your major or minor, evaluating transfer credit, requesting to take a course at another institution, requesting a deferral of final exam or term work, scholarship information and applying to graduate.

On the Future Students website, you’ll find everything you need to kickstart your Canadian study adventure.

Through the faculty admissions page, you can submit your online application with supporting documents and pursue your desired scientific discipline.

Or, if you’d first like to catch a glimpse of what this inclusive campus has to offer, check out the campus tour calendar for frequent updates.

By stepping further into scientific discovery, Regina believes that no aspiring scientists should feel restricted by financial constraints. That’s why this school provides a detailed outlook on money matters and looks out for international students with qualified school counsellors.

So, if you want to collaborate with a scientific faculty that unites undergraduate studies with real-world solutions and inspires learners to develop into leaders, the Faculty of Science at the University of Regina is awaiting your application.

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