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University of Regina

In a world where science and technology are seeing rapid growth, these two contemporary disciplines show no signs of slowing down. The University of Regina recognizes the growing importance of science and tech, developing a range of study programs to help students progress with the trends.

A forward-thinking Faculty of Science

The Faculty of Science places high-quality teaching, community engagement and student satisfaction at the forefront of its efforts, so it’s no surprise that learners from across the globe are choosing to study in the charming city of Regina.

By following the university’s 2015-2020 strategy, the faculty stands by its aim to provide a welcoming and rewarding work environment that encourages critical and independent thought. Also, through a professional commitment to inclusivity and diversity, the faculty welcomes students from across the globe.

To keep strategic scientific initiatives on the rise, Regina’s Faculty of Science hosts a monthly Science Pub Series. By discussing diverse topics through informative talks, students have an engaging environment to freely express ideas. Plus, to further enhance the freedom of learning, a proactive and experiential approach is applied to classroom settings.

Douglas Farenick. University of Regina

As Douglas Farenick, Dean of Science at the University, explains, “Collectively, we represent a forward-looking academy with deep community ties seeking to make meaningful contributions globally. Our successes are measured by the quality and the impact of our activities in teaching, research, and service, and by the legacy of successes of our alumni.”

Multi-purpose study programs

To suit your study preferences, the faculty is home to a multitude of departments. With nine prime subject areas, you can connect to courses in Biology, Chemistry & Biochemistry, Computer Science, Economics, Geography, Geology, Mathematics & Statistics, Physics and Pre-professional programs.

With undergraduate and postgraduate study paths on offer, the faculty presents a breadth and depth of higher learning options. In the tech-savvy Computer Science department, you can design human-computer interfaces and enforce brand-new techniques for data processing and interpretation with the BSc Computer Science course or the BSc Software Systems Development program.

Through the Chemistry & Biochemistry department, students adopt a practical learning style. Equipped with professional guidance, you’ll get to synthesize, design and test new chemical products and set up chemical analyses. By acknowledging the nature and behavior of elements, Regina science graduates will be able to think creatively and independently with the BSc Hons Biochemistry and BSc Hons Chemistry degree.

Or, if you’d rather interpret data about the earth and analyze complex geological and environmental problems, you could select a BSc Geology degree or choose the BSc Environmental Geoscience study route. By unraveling the dynamics of tsunamis, earthquakes and other natural events, you’ll begin to understand the impact of climate change and the contamination of natural resources.

Influential Research Institutes

The pioneering research programs at the University of Regina illuminate important issues in the fields of biology, geology, computer science, chemistry, physics and mathematics. Since Regina scholars are known to make revolutionary advances in research, you’ll be joining a university of innovators and global changemakers.

To support the effectiveness of research at Regina, the university provides specialized labs for learners to work from. For assistance with ICT-based research and mathematical computations, there’s the Laboratory for Computational Discovery. Or, for the subject of earth sciences, learners can use state-of-the-art equipment at the Geomodelling and GIS Research Laboratory, as well as work with the innovative Institute for Environmental Change and Society.

University of Regina

To boost the influence and impact of global research, the University of Regina links the Faculty of Science to international partner opportunities. Powered by these impressive affiliations, students get to work closely with national and international laboratories, on top of both federal and provincial agencies – like the Pacific Institute for Mathematical Science (Canada) and the Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility (USA), for example.

While studying at the university, you’ll also get the chance to contribute your ideas to the Regina community of research and write your own Honours thesis.

Real-world experiences at Regina

To help students build their professional portfolio, the Faculty of Science allows them to work as a Regina research assistant. Additionally, by encouraging students to enter the NSERC Undergraduate Student Research Awards, the university inspires learners to make a difference in the world.

The world has a growing need for graduates who can deal with today’s increasingly complex biological problems and handle difficult industry challenges, so the faculty supplies students with real-world experiences. With multidimensional courses and extra-curricular research activities, you’ll advance in the sectors of science and tech.

At the University of Regina, there are academic advisors to assist you with your career goals and a dedicated Careers Centre to prepare you for interviews and job searches. Additionally, with exciting and engaging student societies to improve your communication skills and self-confidence, you’ll make instant progress in your professional and personal endeavors.

This faculty prepares students with the knowledge and expertise that allow them to effectively integrate into today’s competitive job market. So if you seek an academic institution that will appreciate your scientific and technical capabilities and transform them into a successful career, the University of Regina is a top choice for you.

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