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University of Nicosia Online Master of Public Health: an integrated approach to global healthcare

Natural disasters and the pandemic have shown that the link between public health and the ecosystem is inextricable. Efforts made to improving healthcare must also address environmental wellbeing for better outcomes. This is exactly the kind of paradigm shift that the University of Nicosia (UNIC) Medical School is pioneering with its One Health concept for its online Master of Public Health (MPH) programme.

By recognising that people’s health is interconnected with nature, the online MPH prepares you with the latest management knowledge in emerging public health challenges, including climate change, armed conflict, migration and pandemics.

“It is only through this One Health recognition that we can fully equip students with the necessary knowledge and competencies so that they can contribute to efforts towards meeting the Sustainable Development Goal of ‘Good Health’,” explains Dr Christiana Demetriou, Programme Coordinator and Assistant Professor for the online MPH programme.

Dr Demetriou said, “Our curriculum has been carefully designed to cover the main pillars of public health practice and research and is aligned with the UK Faculty of Public Health syllabus, ensuring the highest quality education.”

A flexible, world-class education

A new approach to healthcare education requires new ways of learning. At UNIC, you’ll have the flexibility to do your courses online in an university that has been a pioneer in distance education in Europe. UNIC supports its own degree programmes, as well as that of its partners.

The consistent quality of its delivery is why the university is only one of few European universities to have received triple recognition for excellence in online learning. UNIC’s quality in distance learning is recognised by the European Association of Distance Teaching Universities (EADTU), the European Foundation for Quality in e-Learning (EFQUEL), as well as being the first university in the continent to earn a five-star rating for distance learning by QS Stars, a leading global university-rating agency.

Simply put, an advanced Online MPH degree at UNIC allows you to learn in a globally-competitive university with cutting-edge facilities without sacrificing your professional career. The flexibility of online courses, with the option to choose to study part-time or full-time, makes it even more possible for you to advance your career in public health no matter where you are.

Even seasoned workers within the sector agree. “I had previously worked for over a decade in the department of public health and epidemiology. However, since I started the MPH programme at UNIC, I started loving my profession more than ever,” says student Jemal Yonis. Since starting his programme, Yonis has grown more confident in analysing public health-related issues, and he’s even more motivated to further his education in the field.

Geared for global success

UNIC Medical School

“I started loving my profession more than ever,” says Jemal Yonis, an MPH student. Source: UNIC Medical School

MPH students receive a truly global education, with skills that can be applicable anywhere. A unique feature of this programme is its international orientation — it’s linked to UNIC’s renowned Medical School, with faculty, teaching hospitals and students from all over the world. The curriculum has a strong emphasis on global public health and is constantly revised to address current issues affecting different populations, such as refugee and migrant health, health policy reform under economic austerity, and emergent diseases.

UNIC has been ranked 47th globally in International Outlook, by THE World University Rankings. To underscore the MPH’s international outlook further, the curriculum also forms part of the prestigious Erasmus Mundus Master Degree in Public Health in Disasters alongside Spain’s Universidad de Oviedo and Sweden’s Karolinska Institutet, known as one of the best medical schools in the world. As a degree issued in the European Union, the MPH is globally-recognised and accredited, and graduates of UNIC’s international medical programmes have a 99.8% career placement rate post-graduation.

UNIC Medical School

UNIC is the largest Southern European university in that teaches primarily in English, with over 14,000 students from more than 100 countries. Source: UNIC Medical School

Discover new opportunities in public health

As an MPH student, you will receive unparalleled support from day one with direct access to faculty and a personal mentor to guide you throughout your studies. Christodoulos Monastiriotis, who did his MPH while practising as a medical doctor, became more familiar with public health procedures, thanks to the guidance of the faculty.

“I became more familiar with core concepts of public health that — even though as a healthcare provider — I had learned incorrectly,” says the doctor, who graduated in 2021. “I enjoyed the convenience to do my courses remotely without a lot of time constraints. All the university staff and faculty will make you feel that you’re provided with a high-value education.”

The MPH’s flexibility in opening new doors for its students cannot be understated. The online three-semester structure features compulsory modules in the first two semesters, after which students opt for either elective courses or a research-oriented path by undertaking a master’s thesis. Starting in Fall 2022, students enrolled in the programme will be offered a 20% scholarship, which makes it even more accessible for eager learners who are keen to immerse themselves in a world-class education.

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