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University of Luxembourg: A global education that lasts a lifetime

Whether you are a high school graduate or a bachelor’s student planning your next step, the University of Luxembourg is the right place to take your education to the next level. This is proven by years of external recognition and graduate success; the University of Luxembourg repeatedly ranks among the best young universities worldwide in THE Young University Rankings, coming in 12th in the 2020 ranking. More recently, THE World University Rankings 2021 placed the university among the top 250 universities worldwide and ranked it third in the world for its international outlook.

The University of Luxembourg’s international outlook opens up possibilities to students anywhere in the world. Ambitious Luxembourger youth are able to gain globally recognised qualifications and unforgettable experiences without leaving the country. Students from neighbouring European countries such as France, Germany and Belgium can access high-quality education not too far from home.

So why do students from over 129 countries choose the University of Luxembourg?

Progressive and dynamic learning awaits

In a time where universities claim global status, the University of Luxembourg fosters meaningful connections to the world in a multilingual and multinational setting. Founded in 2003, it is the first and only public university in Luxembourg. Programmes are generally taught in two languages — French and English, or French and German — while some are taught entirely in English or combine all three languages.

Academic programmes include 17 bachelor’s degrees, 46 master’s degrees, doctoral education, and 15 vocational training and lifelong learning courses. Each is delivered by dedicated staff and renowned professors from 100 countries. These top-notch offerings have attracted 6,783 student registrations in 2020 from every corner of the globe, contributing to a community of diverse expertise and interests.

Every faculty and interdisciplinary centre within the university carries out impactful research in collaboration with other entities, universities, and government bodies.

Whether you’re studying medicine, law, or humanities, you will benefit from a 21st-century campus equipped with cutting-edge technology and laboratories, as well as the Luxembourg Learning Centre (the University’s library). You will study in small, interactive classes, which have adopted a hybrid learning model in order to keep the learning going during the global health crisis. Current students are benefiting greatly from the half digital, half face-to-face model, which allows them to better pace individual journeys.

Go-getters will find themselves among like-minded individuals. Student life at the University of Luxembourg is exciting, with numerous student associations catering to almost every interest. You may express yourself through the arts, keep fit with sports, strike balance in your life with wellness courses, or choose to lead these organisations. Business students and budding entrepreneurs also get to build crucial skills and connections at the University of Luxembourg Incubator, which brings in the expertise of high-profile experts and seasoned mentors.

Follow your passion at the University of Luxembourg

Situated at the heart of Europe, this multilingual, modern campus is in close proximity to other major economies. All bachelor’s students do a semester abroad, which opens them up to a truly international experience early in their tertiary education journey. They also have the opportunity to pursue highly coveted internships and study projects in a range of companies across various industries.

University of Luxembourg

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As Luxembourg is also a vibrant financial centre, students who apply in this robust learning environment will build valuable knowledge to bring into their own practice. Graduates get to explore employment options in and beyond Europe, tapping into the international labour market with their newly acquired insights and qualifications.

Also encouraging is the fact that Luxembourg is a highly livable country with exciting travel and entertainment options. Expatriates make up half of its population, which is a testament to how enjoyable and fuss-free it is to live there. Once you experience this high standard of living, you will want to build a career in a similar environment.

So, when you make the decision to join the University of Luxembourg, you are not merely opting to study in a well-known European hub. You are choosing an enriching educational pathway that will form the foundations of your passion, career, and life; you are choosing to thrive. Want to know more? Visit the official website for information and enquiries.

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