Exceed industry expectations with a Master’s degree from the University of Luxembourg 
University of Luxembourg

Your next career move should begin with a Master’s degree from the University of Luxembourg.

Through their Faculty of Law, Economics and Finance (FDEF), you’ll find future-focused education and a multicultural learning environment in one of the world’s leading financial centres: Luxembourg.

“With a growing academic community, closer ties with the Luxembourg professional industry and the broader society, as well as our ambitions to provide students with the best-in-class learning experience, we have put great emphasis on creating a strong and efficient internal organisation,” says the Faculty’s Dean, Professor Katalin Ligeti.

So whether you want to move forward in the fields of economics, finance or law, the University of Luxembourg has a Master’s programme to suit your individual ambitions:

Advance your auditing and accounting skills

Anuradha Sarda’s ambitions lay in the world of accounting and auditing.

She arrived at the University of Luxembourg with hopes of becoming a multi-skilled, agile accountant who could take on the future of work.

She knew that her Master in Accounting and Audit programme would align with these aspirations due to its FIBAA accreditation — an internationally-recognised award for quality assurance and quality development in higher education.

“There are a lot of special elements about studying at the University of Luxembourg,” Anuradha said.

“Mainly it has industry-focused teaching, you are taught by the best people in the industry, and on the basis of case studies and project-based learning.”

Through the programme, Anuradha benefited from the theoretical, research and practical aspects of the course. She got to pick the brains of top accountants, auditors and lawyers from Luxembourg and abroad.

She also built an interdisciplinary skill set by balancing core specialist subjects with supplementary, more specialist ones such as law, IT and computer systems, business studies and economics, corporate finance, mathematics and statistics.

Now, it has all paid off — today, Anuradha is an Ernst & Young (EY) accountant in New Zealand.

University of Luxembourg

Evolve into an innovative entrepreneur 

Antoine Ronk wanted to find a postgraduate degree to get his entrepreneurial ambitions off the ground.

And in the University of Luxembourg’s Master in Entrepreneurship and Innovation, he found exactly that.

Built in partnership with the Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce, this Master’s degree introduces you to many aspects of entrepreneurship and innovation such as growing businesses, corporate branding, taxation issues for start-ups, the art of negotiation and more.

“This Master’s was very helpful for me. It gave me the right skills, I was taught by professional teachers and I took part in internships that furthered my experience,” says Antoine.

Every year, students like Antoine who are enrolled in undergraduate and postgraduate study programmes at the Faculty of Law, Economics and Finance take up internship placements that last between one to six months.

This means you can go behind the scenes of Luxembourg’s booming tech, finance, and tourism industries and intern at its exciting start-ups and businesses located there.

For Antoine, the benefit of such networking opportunities were immense — in fact, he calls it the fundamental asset of his FIBAA-accredited Master’s degree experience as these opportunities helped him to further his skills and cement his success.

University of Luxembourg

Further your finance and economics expertise

Motivated to move forward in the fields of finance and economics, Maxime Reimeringer chose the Master of Science in Finance and Economics degree at the University of Luxembourg because it was developed together with the Luxembourg Financial Centre.

This degree gave Maxime the exposure and knowledge he needed to enter a competitive job market in Luxembourg, Europe and overseas.

During his second year, he also had the option to specialise in one of five core branches of finance and economics: Banking, Investment Management, Risk Management, Financial Economics and Sustainable Finance.

“I chose Luxembourg mainly because it’s a leading financial hub, and I really enjoyed this programme because of the international, diverse student community,” says Maxime.

With many more progressive Master’s programmes to study and career-enhancing opportunities to experience at the University’s Faculty of Law, Economics and Finance (FDEF), your future looks bright in Luxembourg.

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