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When Oladjo Rachelle Aloko left her home in Benin, West Africa, she was doing what countless other international students have done for generations: Going abroad to craft a brighter future.

Location was paramount to this. Oladjo Rachelle’s ambition is to work in the banking and finance sector and she wanted to be in a place where she would have impressive first-hand work experience to add to her CV before graduating.

She found all these at the University of Luxembourg.

“Luxembourg is a leading European platform for investment funds, so I did not hesitate to apply for the Master in Banking and Finance at the University of Luxembourg,” she said.

“The programme’s curriculum was perfect for me to move forward in the banking and finance sector, and the faculty has great links with the global industry, local businesses and the surrounding community.”

The University of Luxembourg is where talented students from all over the world like Oladjo Rachelle come to realise their ambitions in law, economics or finance.

At their Faculty of Law, Economics and Finance, students receive an education that tailors to one’s career aspirations and chosen industry.

Oladjo had the opportunity to travel to New York Stern University in the US for a week where she studied specialised finance courses and networked with fellow banking and finance students.

To study here at the University of Luxembourg is to also study in one of the safest countries in the world according to the medical and travel security services firm International SOS’s annual travel risk map.

It found that Luxembourg is safe due to the wide availability of quality medical care, specialist care, emergency and dental services.

University of Luxembourg

The rate of violent crime in Luxembourg is very low, transport services are of a high standard with good safety records and that the country’s infrastructure is sound.

In terms of quality of life, the OECD Better Life Index, by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) and Sodexo, ranks Luxembourg’s as very high.

For instance, the level of atmospheric PM2.5 (tiny air pollutant particles small enough to enter and cause damage to the lungs) in Luxembourg is better than the OECD average recommendation.

And about 76 percent of people say that they feel safe walking alone at night in Luxemboug, which is higher than the OECD average of 68 percent.

The OECD Better Life Index also found that Luxembourg has a strong sense of community and high levels of civic participation as 93 percent of people believe that they know someone they could rely on in time of need.

“Luxembourg is not only the ideal place to launch your career in finance, but it is also a country that offers excellent living conditions and new work opportunities,” says Oladjo Rachelle.

After graduating, Oladjo Rachelle took these global experiences that the faculty gave her and the knowledge she acquired from her Master’s and transferred them into a trainee role at multinational professional service business firm Langham Hall.

Today, she is working as an Intermediate Representative for trustee and depositary services at global investments company BNY Mellon in Luxembourg.

A faculty at the forefront of the industry

The University of Luxembourg does not only offer career-oriented Master’s programmes – it also enhances professional futures through Bachelor’s programmes.

Drawn by the prospects of these career-boosting programmes at University of Luxembourg, Thibault Tanguy from France opted for a Bachelor in Economics and Management.

“Like many of my classmates, I was drawn to the international reputation of the university,” he said.

“Everything is very focused on multilingualism here, with courses in different languages ​​and students from all over the world which is a real eye-opener!”

But with so many students from across the globe starting their career with the University of Luxembourg, how does that impact the learning environment?

“The class sizes are small which gives us great student cohesion and interaction.

“And thanks to the experience that I have had with the Junior Enterprise Association at the University (JELux), I’ve been building up my entrepreneurial skills for the future,” says Thibault.

Thibault and his peers also felt motivated to discover other countries because of the university’s international outlook, multicultural environment and welcoming atmosphere.

University of Luxembourg

For example, it has many student mobility schemes in place such as a Global Exchange programme where students get to study at esteemed universities in countries beyond Europe and the Erasmus+ programme for students to develop their interpersonal skills in and outside of Europe.

But Luxembourg will always have a special place in the French student’s heart. 

“This dynamic country has taken a turn towards entrepreneurship to diversify its economy, which is positive,” he said.

“And with the university’s research developments merged with the opening of the various infrastructures in Belval, Luxembourg will no doubt attract new opportunities,” he says.

A faculty that remains with you forever

For Thainá Dantas Bacelar from Brazil, a Bachelor in Law from the University of Luxembourg seemed like an obvious decision.

She knew that the Faculty staff were approachable and gave attention to individual students in and out the classroom, which meant she could easily ask the staff about industry opportunities and the future landscape of law.

Plus, she was already in love with Luxembourg.

“This beautiful country is also a good starting point for studying international law because three out of five Magic Circle law firms have offices here and many EU institions are here, such as the Court of Justice of the European Union,” she says.

“And I love to speak other languages so it helps that Luxembourg is multicultural and diverse.”

Thainá aims to use all the knowledge she gained from her Bachelor’s studies here and dedicate it to the areas of international law.

“I’m interested in becoming a corporate lawyer and working in international relations, perhaps in connection with my native country of Brazil,” she says.

With such career prospects and a faculty that values lifelong learning, it’s clear to see that the University of Luxembourg offers the best start to a career in law, economics and finance.

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