University of Helsinki: A global change-maker in sustainability

Dedicated to research, teaching and global interaction, the University of Helsinki does all it can to empower students and build a brighter tomorrow.

As Finland’s oldest and largest higher education provider, this institution has a long-established reputation for excellence. Ranked within the world’s Top 100 for 2019 by Times Higher Education, this university seeks lasting solutions to global challenges, creating brand-new schools of thought for the advancement of humanity.

This progressive institution is formed of 12 disciplinary faculties, offering quality programmes at undergraduate-, postgraduate- and doctoral-level. Whether your passion lies in the Arts, Medicine, Agriculture and Forestry or beyond, the University of Helsinki has a world-class course that can be tailored to your needs.

Adopting an experiential approach to education, Helsinki urges students, faculty and researchers to step outside of the traditional learning environment, introducing them to forward-facing facilities that stretch far beyond the classroom. Complemented by a wealth of contemporary and creative attractions, Helsinki graduates leave feeling inspired by their memorable and rewarding study experience.

Here, students gain a world-leading education in a nation persistently named one of the best places to live on the globe, largely due to its outstanding quality of life, safety, outstanding infrastructure, access to nature, quality of education and health care.

Beautiful, colourful and brimming with vibrant scenes, Helsinki is the cultural city every student wants to get to know. Becoming a Helsinki global graduate puts you at the beating heart of projects that seek to combat some of society’s biggest issues brought on by the blinding speed of global development, bringing knowledge, purpose and positive change to an increasingly convoluted world.

Though it may seem unconventional to choose Finland over the US or the UK, an education in this country will instil you with new and fresh perspectives, the likes of which you simply wouldn’t find anywhere else.

For the students; for the world

A multidisciplinary learning hub, Helsinki doesn’t just better the lives of students, but of every global citizen. It’s an innovative institution built on the foundations of science and thinking, believing in the principles of a just and fair society for all regardless of race, religion or background

“The roots of the excellent Finnish school system and the national health care were planted in our university,” the Helsinki website notes. “These are great examples of the social justice and the sustainable living environment that all of us can enjoy.

“Transparency, equality and justice guide us in everything we do,” it adds. “We at the University of Helsinki believe in radical openness – open science, open data and open innovations. Sharing knowledge empowers economic, social and cultural change. This is humanity at its best.”

Game-changing research

In light of ground-breaking global policies and agreements like the UN Millennium Development Goals and the Paris Climate Change accord, Helsinki acknowledged 2017-2020 as a strategic period of collaboration and development.

As a result, the change-maker has refined cutting-edge research practice, making waves in the global science field, while encouraging students to go out in the world and help tackle four of its most pressing, complex issues: the digital world, ageing and health, globalisation and sustainable development.

As a founding member of the League of European Research Universities, Helsinki stands among the world’s best research institutions, consistently collaborating with recognised titans of academia, including Oxbridge Universities, to seek answers to contemporary issues through cross-disciplinary research themes.

Championing the values of truth and critical thinking, the university plays an active part in forming impactful resolutions, supporting a more sustainable world for tomorrow.

Helsinki is a known pioneer of powerful climate research, ranked 15th in the world in the recently-launched University Impact rankings by Times Higher Education. The institution’s global air quality measurement network brings a wealth of health benefits for the planet. Thanks to Helsinki’s research, cancer treatment mechanisms are better understood now than ever before.

On top of this, its clinical biobank has formed the basis for transformative research in genetics, and the university is best in the world in teaching teachers and pioneers in understanding big data.

“We work for a fairer, healthier and more secure world,” the institution concludes. “But we cannot do this alone. To make this happen, we ask you to join in our efforts to bring hope for the globe.”

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