University of Helsinki: Inspiring scientific discovery and student innovation
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At the forefront of innovation, the Faculty of Science at the University of Helsinki is helping create a sustainable future through cutting-edge research, awe-inspiring academics and professors who value students’ creative input.

Collaborative study programmes 

At the Helsinki Faculty of Science, a communal spirit of academic collaboration connects all study programmes.

Offering a range of content-rich, dynamic degrees, here you’ll have the freedom to invest your passions in both Bachelor and Master’s programmes.

During his time at Helsinki, Geoinformatics student, Oyelowo Oyedayo, joined a welcoming community of creative changemakers and research-driven intellectuals.

As he explains: “In retrospect, I feel like everything about me has changed dramatically compared to when I started studying here. This includes my pattern of thinking, my approach to solving problems and my life in general. I had no technical skills or programming knowledge before I began my journey at Helsinki and now I have learned and applied four languages and helped to provide solutions for real-world issues.”

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“It is very practical here and I have access to many valuable learning resources, helpful colleagues and teachers. The Faculty of Science at Helsinki has enriched my skills, intellect and life enormously,” Oyedayo adds.

By ensuring every student feels at home, Helsinki encourages learners to achieve their academic ambitions and unleash their full potential. All teachers know and respect students here, so there’s always support available.

That’s what Data Science student Gur Ersalan admires most about his Helsinki experience. “Here in the science department, every student is valued regardless of their degrees and background,” he says. “There is a great collaboration between the professors, academic staff and the students which makes it easy for students to explore what their passion is and to get help from their professors to conduct research in their desired area of interest.”

By prioritising students’ career goals, Helsinki heightens all professional achievements.

Unstoppable professor-student bond

According to Master of Theoretical and Computation Methods student, Teodor Duevski, “If there is one thing that makes Helsinki really stand out it is the interaction between the staff and its students. Every lecturer at the Kumpula Kampus is interested in his/her student’s academic and personal progress.”

“Furthermore, the direction of research and the advanced courses offered are often subject to student demand. Almost every decision taken by the academic community is in one way or another influenced by the students’ needs,” Duevski adds.

By treating learners as individuals and connecting their skills to advanced scientific development projects, the faculty demonstrates an appreciation for talent and directs learners’ professional capabilities towards a future filled with success.

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Director of the Finnish Centre of Excellence in Research of Sustainable Space and Professor, Minna Palmroth, also agrees that the bond between professors and students is undoubtedly strong at the Helsinki Faculty of Science. As she points out, “Finland has a very low level of hierarchy, so our staff can be easily approached.”

Despite this modest learning approach, Helsinki has built an impressive reputation for its leading research accomplishments.

A prime example of this comes in Professor Palmroth’s revolutionary ventures, “We are at the top in many disciplines,” she says. “My own team is at the world top in modelling the space environment and we have developed the world’s most accurate simulation for the near-Earth space. So, if you want to understand how the near-Earth space works, my team is the place to be.”

Turning intellect into influence

Another significant advantage to becoming an integral member of the Helsinki Faculty of Science is the freedom you’ll have to transform your intellectual findings into influential ideas.

At Helsinki, your educational opportunities will be paired with the power to create. This means you’ll have the time you need to develop your innovative thoughts and the guidance you need to turn them into ground-breaking discoveries.

With the chance to positively impact future generations with your work, the Faculty of Science at Helsinki acts as a hands-on hub in which research can grow and flourish.

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The way Helsinki values students is a key benefit for current student Oyelowo Oyedayo. As he notes, “The Faculty of Science and the University believe that the students will drive positive change. They truly believe in our capabilities and they give us the room to explore and create initiatives. Knowing that our voices are heard by the management is priceless!”

Faculty of Science student Teodor Duevski also approves of Helsinki’s proactive attitude towards student engagement. “The Faculty combines high-quality education with state-of-the-art research in both theoretical and applied sciences,” he says. “Besides the outstanding academic opportunities, choosing Helsinki will give you a chance to experience the exciting Finnish student culture and to create everlasting memories.”

So, if you want to join a university that listens to your strategic ideas and respects your opinion, Helsinki and its forward-thinking Faculty of Science is waiting your arrival!

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