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University of Gibraltar: Where career-ready business aspirants are made

Up-and-comers looking to land a future-proof career will find everything they need and more at the University of Gibraltar (UniGib) — especially those looking to give heavyweights a run for their money with fresh perspectives.

The UniGib School of Business focuses on the competencies organisations need today and will eventually need tomorrow. Laying a solid foundation begins with understanding all aspects of business, thinking critically and acting decisively. Programmes offered — each of which was designed in collaboration with industry — perfectly complement the fundamentals. Aligned with the highest UK quality standards, they ensure students develop specialised, relevant, and in-demand skill sets.

University of Gibraltar

UniGib’s Bachelor in Business Administration (Hons) was designed in collaboration with the university’s Business Key Advisory Group, high-profile academics and industry experts. Source: University of Gibraltar

“Ensuring that students are workplace-ready upon graduation is a theme that runs throughout both undergraduate programmes in the School of Business,” confirms Áine Panter, who heads the School of Business. “This is achieved through the provision of placements in the Bachelor of Business Administration (Hons) and assisting students with summer internship programmes in the BSc (Hons) Computing and Entrepreneurship. Furthermore, lecturers are encouraged to use their own industry experience to contextualise the theory learnt in the classroom thus providing students with real-life examples from the workplace to enhance their learning.”

The first programme Mrs Áine Panter speaks of — the Bachelor of Business Administration (Hons) — is general enough to cater to every aspiration, yet versatile enough to offer majors in either management and marketing or finance and accounting. Designed in collaboration with the university’s Business Key Advisory Group, high-profile academics and industry experts, it provides learners with several opportunities to apply theoretical knowledge to real-work scenarios.

In fact, students complete a work-based project with a Gibraltar-based company in their first year before moving on to complete work placements in their second and third years. This exposure does wonders for those excited to illuminate their CVs before evolving into professionals. Plus, it helps them pinpoint exactly how they would like to add value in the booming field of business.

So far, student Manuel Sanchez has realised his passion for entrepreneurship. “I would like to bring into practice what I’ve learned here at the university,” he says. “As digital tools are developing so quickly each year, I think it is best to gain work experience and learn more in-depth knowledge while studying. I want to start a brand and own a company. I think the university is able to give me the right guidance with this three-year programme to set something up myself.”

The BSc (Hons) Computing and Entrepreneurship is just as dynamic, designed to provide students with the technical and business skills needed to commercialise a computational product or service, taking organisations to new heights in the process. With the World Economic Forum predicting at least 150 million new computing/technology jobs in the next five years, bridging the gap between business and tech has never been more important.

After all, companies like Google, Apple, Amazon and Microsoft would not be where they are today without professionals capable of turning innovative ideas into reality.

University of Gibraltar

The BSc (Hons) Computing and Entrepreneurship has been designed to bridge the gap between business and tech. Source: University of Gibraltar

To win similar roles, students in this BSc will gain the technical know-how to design, develop and deploy real-world software. To further excel in the areas they are most intrigued by, students are welcome to achieve professional IT certifications in programming, networks and cloud computing — all of which are sure to catch the attention of recruiters. Meanwhile, entrepreneurial prowess is developed as students learn the importance of opportunity recognition, developing a business plan, financials, and marketing.

There’s nowhere better to put these skills to use than in Gibraltar — a business hub in its own right. The British Overseas Territory is crawling with opportunity thanks to its strong economy, advanced regulation, great infrastructure, and connection to the UK. Furthermore, Gibraltar has a reputation for exploring the far-reaching potential of emerging technologies for businesses and citizens.

The best part? Non-EU international graduates from the School of Business will be able to enjoy these inspiring surroundings for two years post-study. In this time, they will be able to add value to local organisations through full-time internships or employment.

To begin your journey to becoming a future-proof business professional, click here to apply to UniGib today.

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