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The most beautiful years of one’s life are often preceded by fear and uncertainty. These feelings are experienced by almost every international student when they decide to take the leap and enrol at a university abroad. Fortunately, these feelings soon give place to excitement and comfort. Countless graduates who have studied at the University of Bologna (Unibo) can attest to this.

Unibo’s alumni community welcomes over 18,000 graduates every year, all of whom continue contributing to the university — the institution that paved their way to success. The University of Bologna is one of the top institutions in Italy and one of the oldest universities in the world. This unmatched experience and excellence are present in its world-class degree programmes, allowing its students to make their mark in the world.

Its School of Economics and Management offers bachelor’s and master’s programmes (most of which are conducted in English), including its Master’s Degree in Economics and Master’s Degree in International Management, to name a few. Students passionate about a particular sector can choose to specialise in their area of choice as well.

University of Bologna

Unibo offers many world-class degree programmes that have allowed its students to make their mark in the world. Source: University of Bologna

According to the UN World Tourism Rankings, Italy is the fifth most visited country based on international tourism arrivals and its tourism sector generates 15% of the national GDP. No wonder why Unibo offers a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics of Tourism at the Rimini campus, where students are also encouraged to join exchange programmes to understand international tourism and markets better.

The programme offers students excellent preparation in tourism planning and management and provides the cultural and technical profile required to join the fast-paced industry. What’s more, this degree also has a quality assurance certificate by the UN World Tourism Organisation, whose main objective is to improve the quality of tourism education, training and research programmes.

Unibo’s Master’s Degree in Tourism Economics and Management — taught on the Rimini campus as well — is something you should consider too if you wish to tackle the global challenges of contemporary tourism. The Rimini campus is the right location for a student in tourism as the city of Rimini hosts about 15 million overnight stays every year. Not bad for a city with approximately 150,000 inhabitants.

Rimini hosts yet another degree programme related to one of the most iconic economic sectors in Italy: Unibo’s Master’s Degree in Fashion Studies with a curriculum in Strategy in Fashion Management (FAST). If you are looking for an innovative art programme, this degree might just be what you seek. Unlike other fashion programmes, FAST focuses on various academic platforms entangled with economic disciplines that enable you to pursue multiple roles in the fashion industry. This includes roles such as fashion trend, culture and communication consultant, fashion business management expert and fashion product design consultant, among others.

At Unibo, the arts go beyond fashion with the Master’s Degree in Innovation and Organisation of Culture and the Arts, conducted on the Bologna campus. This programme develops the skills of future leaders in the international arts, culture and creative sectors. Students will go on to work in the many spheres of culture, from visual and performing arts to publishing and music industries and more.

The agro-food and rural systems represent another pillar of the Italian economy. The University of Bologna trains students seeking to access a wide range of managerial positions in these sectors thanks to its Master’s Degree in Economics and Management with a curriculum in Food System Management (FoodSys). The programme combines economic and political subjects to provide a clear picture of the complexity of the food system with a particular focus on sustainability.

Sustainability is also key in the Master’s Degree in Resource Economics and Sustainable Development at Unibo. This one-of-a-kind programme offers students solid preparation in environmental economics by providing them with a critical understanding of the issues involved in sustainable development both from a theoretical and practical perspective.

For a master’s programme specific to health, look no further than Unibo’s Erasmus Mundus Joint Master’s Degree in Health Economics and Management. You’ll gain knowledge of health economics and policy, healthcare management, as well as health law and regulation. These prepare you for positions in organisations and institutions involved in healthcare provision.

University of Bologna

Unibo’s newest programme, the Master’s Degree in Greening Energy Market and Finance, will begin this 2022/23 term. Source: University of Bologna

All of these show that Unibo continuously offers new and in-demand programmes that are relevant to current global topics and issues. Its latest programme, the Master’s Degree in Greening Energy Market and Finance, will begin this 2022/23 term. It’s an innovative and interdisciplinary educational path targeted to students aiming to become “heroes of the green economy.”

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