University of New Hampshire: Local welcome, global reach

The University of New Hampshire (UNH) is a world-class higher education provider with a local feel and a global reach.

Nestled in the picturesque New Hampshire countryside and minutes from the expansive beaches of the east coast, UNH offers a truly American experience while also commanding an enviable reputation on the world stage.

When deciding to study abroad, you want to experience the culture and beauty of your host country while being safe in the knowledge that your qualifications are going to carry some weight when looking for that first graduate job. At UNH, that’s exactly what you’ll get.

UNH prides itself on its global outlook, and that is reflective through its welcoming campus environment and rigorous course curricula.

A flagship university for the state of New Hampshire, UNH has just celebrated 150 years of excellence. Founded in 1866, the University has a rich and prestigious history that is well-respected around the world.

The high-quality, career-driven education that fuels academic and professional success is central to the UNH approach. The prize-winning and pioneering faculty, teamed with exceptionally small class sizes, means students work alongside professors in research, teaching, and creative expression—empowering transformative thinking, and opening doors to internships, graduate school, and professional opportunities. It is this, in part, that earns UNH a top 50 spot in the country’s best public universities.

UNH welcomes students to three different New Hampshire locations: Durham, the main campus in a classic New England college town; Manchester, the city campus in the state’s business center; and Concord, the state capital and home to UNH’s award-winning law school.

There’s a huge variety of courses on offer, with over 200 undergraduate and graduate programs from which you can choose. Each of these offers both local and international opportunities as they are driven by the latest industry knowledge and informed by world-leading research conducted right here at UNH. The relevance of the UNH expertise means their qualifications are sought out all over the world.

The Law School in particular is recognized as a global leader in innovative legal education, and is constantly evolving to guarantee graduates who are ready and equipped to enter into the modern world of law.

The Law School’s outstanding standard has earned it a top 10 spot in the country for its Intellectual Property Program.

The Carsey School of Public Policy is also nationally-recognized for its trailblazing research, policy education and engagement. Striving for innovative solutions to some of today’s biggest societal issues, students and faculty at the Carsey School are integral to the development of effective policy that has the potential to change how the country and the world views public policy for years to come.

World-renowned faculty also grace the corridors of the College of Life Sciences and Agriculture. The crucial work conducted here to understand the nature of biological systems, manage and conserve natural resources, improve agricultural profitability and sustainability, enhance health and nutrition, and foster economic development has earned UNH nationwide recognition as a top-tier land, sea, and space grant university.

The other colleges – namely Engineering and Physical Sciences, Health and Human Services, Liberal Arts, Marine Science and Ocean Engineering, Business and Economics, and Applied Science – all enjoy a similarly noteworthy national and global reputation.

Welcoming 13,000 undergraduate and 2,400 graduate students from over 70 countries, UNH’s global appeal is in part borne from the international nature of UNH’s student body and faculty.

The diverse student body also results in a diverse alumni network, scattered around the world and across all manner of industries and expertise. Capitalizing on this global network, UNH runs an Alumni Mentoring Program that pairs interested students with alumni that have a similar major or work in a related professional field.

These one-on-one partnerships help students develop career and networking skills, gain first-hand knowledge of what to expect after graduation, and navigate the path to a successful career.

It is programs like these that make UNH graduates 14 percent more likely to be in full-time employment six months after graduation than the US national average.

To maintain and encourage this international atmosphere at the University, UNH makes itself as accessible as possible to students hailing from outside the US.

For those who don’t quite hit the English language requirements for full admission, the English as a Second Language Institute offers a wide array of intensive English language courses at various levels of English instruction to get you up to speed so you can pursue your academic passion.

To bolster your language proficiency while you study, UNH also offers “bridge” courses where students can simultaneously enroll in one or two academic classes while continuing to intensively study English from four to 10 hours per week, giving students the opportunity to “try out” academic courses in a supportive learning environment.

The efforts to support international students at every turn and make their university experience one to remember means the international character of the UNH campus is not only sustained, but flourishing.

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