University of Helsinki: Shaping the future through global thinkers
Image courtesy of the University of Helsinki

 “The university’s challenge is to bring internationalisation into the core of its strategy so that it can better serve research and teaching. I want part of the university’s effort to become an even more prominent international player, and an attractive destination for strong researchers and students from other countries.”
– Anna Mauranen, Vice-Rector, University of Helsinki

As a nation that’s persistently been voted one of the world’s best places to live, Finland is a popular choice among prospective students round the globe. From its altruistic lifestyle, to its stunning capital city and the captivating beauty of its culture and its people, Finland is a region that’s worth consideration if you’re keen to take the plunge in an overseas adventure.

Image courtesy of the University of Helsinki

Image courtesy of the University of Helsinki

The University of Helsinki is perfectly positioned to give you what you need, offering an elite international study experience in this thriving municipality. As a forward-thinking institution, this university is globally reputed for its high-calibre teaching, research and constant innovation. Frequently ranked within Europe’s Top 20 universities – not to mention its status among the Top 100 worldwide – Helsinki embodies the foundation of success for students who dare to dream BIG.

“Helsinki is a vibrant city for students,” the university notes. “With several higher education institutions in the Helsinki area and 60,000 international students, it is well set up to cater to the needs of students from all walks of life.

“Helsinki is a very safe, modern, and green city with half a million friendly folks,” it adds. “Everything here is within easy reach and…Helsinki is a good place to explore the cool urban culture, surrounding nature and the see that makes its presence felt everywhere…”

With almost 90 percent of the school’s total student population hailing from diverse international roots, this institution is undoubtedly an inherently global and connected academic pioneer. While the official spoken languages are Finnish and Swedish, Helsinki’s universal students are relieved of that pesky language barrier that often burdens prospective foreign students – because Finns also happen to be among the planet’s best non-native English speakers!

Image courtesy of the University of Helsinki

Image courtesy of the University of Helsinki

Its prominence among the top one percent of all research-led universities stands students in good stead to drive change and progression, cultivating socially-responsible citizens who go on to invigorate every aspect of everyday life.

In light of ground-breaking global policies and agreements like the UN Millennium Development Goals and the Paris Climate Change accord, Helsinki has acknowledged 2017-2020 as a strategic period of collaboration and development. As a result, the change-maker has refined cutting-edge research practice, making waves in the international science field, while encouraging students to go out in the world and help tackle four of its most pressing, complex issues: the digital world, ageing and health, globalisation and sustainable development.

As a founding member of the League of European Research Universities (LERU), Helsinki consistently collaborates with the recognised titans of academia, like Cambridge and Oxford University, for example, to seek answers to contemporary issues in a number of key, cross-disciplinary research themes.

“The foundation of science and applied research is high-quality basic research,” it states. “It is also the key to sustainable well-being of mankind. Many of our Master’s programmes are linked with research efforts that are crucial for the future of mankind. Climate research, medical advances in the treatment of epilepsy and cancer, and social and moral philosophy are just a few examples of this,” it adds.

Image courtesy of the University of Helsinki

“By studying at the University of Helsinki you will learn how to make the world a better place, become a true world changer and ensure a bright future also for the next generation.”

Its research activities are complemented by a stellar academic portfolio, with first-rate programmes delivered by expert staff, while benefitting from state-of-the-art facilities plus breakthrough laboratories and technologies.

In fact, research from the CIMO, an organisation that offers detailed, relevant services on international mobility and co-operation, has revealed that the quantity of non-native students seeking Finnish higher education has grown significantly in recent years. This rapid increase spurs from the region’s unparalleled graduate prospects, with almost 50 percent of Finland’s foreign-born graduates going on to secure meaningful employment straight after graduation.

Beautiful, colourful and brimming with vibrant vibes, Helsinki is the cultural city every student wants to get to know. Becoming a Helsinki global graduate puts you at the beating heart of projects that seek to combat some of the greatest challenges wrought on by the blinding speed of global development, bringing knowledge, purpose, and positive change to an increasingly convoluted world.

Image courtesy of the University of Helsinki

If you’re seeking an internationally-focused institution that not only pledges an outstanding education, but also exciting prospects now and in the years to come, the University of Helsinki could well be the perfect place for you.

The next application period to apply for the Master’s Programmes, opens in December 1st 2017 and ends in January 12th 2018 for studies starting in August 2018. 

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