The University of Helsinki engages beyond traditional classroom walls

Built on a foundation of first-class teaching, research and community relations, the University of Helsinki has a longstanding reputation of achievement in the Times Higher Education (THE) and QS Top Universities surveys.

Adopting an experiential approach to education, the university encourages you to step outside the traditional learning environment, introducing you to forward-thinking facilities beyond the classroom. With a multitude of contemporary and creative attractions, your time at Helsinki will be a memorable and rewarding experience.

Think Corner

With the intention of presenting the University’s research, scientists and design projects to the public, the university has successfully transformed one of their old administration buildings into an accessible and innovative Think Corner (TC).

By regularly hosting exhibitions, workshops, presentations and group discussions, Helsinki allows you to interact with fellow students and TC community members. These events are particularly popular with those who love to learn about the latest research trends and interesting topics.

As Think Corner supports collaborative learning and free thinking, you’ll take your thoughts and ideas outside of the lecture hall and into one of the strategic TC spaces. By attending some of the regular events, you’ll get to see the main stage and its 12-metre project wall work in action!

Alternatively, if you want to catch a glimpse at some of the talks that take place at Think Corner before you go, check out some of this great video footage!

Helsinki Think Company

Do you see yourself as a future changemaker? Or an aspirational entrepreneur? If yes, the Helsinki Think Company is a society that’s worth joining.

Funded by the university, it’s a thriving network of students and experimenters looking to turn ideas into action. By connecting to this company, you’re provided with free co-working spaces and a community full of freelancers, activists, artists, researchers, graduates and more!

Essentially, this entrepreneurial society aims to combat real-world problems through sustainable business plans and vivacious go-getters. Currently, the company is supporting six key projects. From the Aiko Healthtech Workshop to the Slush Y Science scheme, there’s plenty of ventures for you to get involved with.

Or, if you’d rather unleash your inner entrepreneur in a different way, you can contribute to the Helsinki Think Company blog and share your ideas through this online platform. By working with the HTC, employers will be impressed by your business efforts and professional portfolio.

Kaisa Library

Alongside valuable lectures, it’s good to take study breaks and adopt an independent learning style. That’s why at the University of Helsinki, students are free to use the multifunctional Kaisa Library.

Complete with printed and electronic data collections, quiet learning spaces and useful lending areas, this is the ideal place for students to carry out research and work on projects. Benefitting from a peaceful study environment, learners here are sure to get top results.

Once students switch from a hectic classroom setting to the tranquil Kaisa Library, they will understand the importance of self-study. By dedicating time and effort to individual learning activities, students soon develop a strong sense of academic direction and enhance their organisational skills.

To suit your study preferences, the University of Helsinki has implemented colour-coded rules into the library’s system. The green zone represents a social space for group discussions, while the orange zone allows the use of laptops and permits quiet talk, but the red space is solely reserved for silent study.

Helsinki Observatory

If you wish to learn beyond the classroom, beyond the Helsinki campus and beyond the planet itself, you may want to take a trip to the Helsinki Observatory. Originally designed by architect Carl Ludvig Engel (1778–1840) and Professor of Astronomy F. W. A. Argelander (1799–1875), the Observatory is enriched with history and revolutionary research.

At the University of Helsinki, the sky is by no means the limit! By uncovering the secrets of the solar system and looking into constellation creation, you’re opening your mind to a universe full of contemporary concepts and critical discussions.

Through the Observatory’s permanent astrology exhibition and special temporary exhibitions, both students and the public are welcome to explore astronomical observations and theories. For example, the observatory is currently hosting the At The Edge of Silence exhibition, displaying Teo Marin’s incredible nighttime photography.

The Observatory also has an impressive collection of cooperation partners, all of which space science and tech students at Helsinki can use to their advantage!

University Museum

Since you’ll be living in the capital of Finland, you’ll want to unravel its hidden culture and history. Luckily for you, the university preserves its cultural heritage and many fascinating arts, artefact and photographic collections within its University Museum.

At the Helsinki University Museum, there are various exhibitions and collections to view. As a student, you’ll gain exclusive access to many events at the museums and a unique insight into university publications.

Also, if you’re captivated by the arts and culture, you may want to check out the beautiful Kaisaniemi Botanic Gardens and the informative Finnish Museum of Natural History.

By taking you beyond the classroom towards real-world opportunities, Helsinki students thrive on its extensive array of attractions and forward-thinking facilities. Powered by the chance to take your learning to the next level, Helsinki is a strategic study hub for every global learner.

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