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Which of these comic book artists are you familiar with? Source: Joe Ciciarelli/Unsplash

A popular and illustrative form of creative expression, comic books became popular in early 18th century Europe when artists sought new ways to satisfy demand.

Fast-forward to today, and their addictive narratives and engaging protagonists have dominated movie screens, TV sets and glossy pages.

But with every story, there is a creative genius, or team of geniuses, scripting the plot and character development behind-the-scenes.

So, if you recognise a few of these creative comic book geniuses, can you also guess which university they attended?

American comic book creator, Becky Cloonan, is known to have created many incredible comics such as Demo, The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys and By Chance or Providence, but which university did she attend?

Source: Anton Danilov/ Unsplash
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Before making contributions on Batman: Hush, X-Men Volume 2, and the Uncanny X-Men, where did Korean American comic-book artist, Jim Lee, study psychology?

Source: King Lip/Unsplash
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Mike Mignola is best known for creating Hellboy for Dark Horse Comics, but which university did he graduate from with a BFA in Illustration?

Source: Martijn Baudoin/ Unsplash
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Known for his trademark ink washes, exaggerated jawlines, and lumbering version of the Hulk, which university did Tim Sale attend for two years before moving to New York City to attend the School of Visual Arts?

Source: Hermes Rivera/ Unsplash
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Graduating in 1987 with a degree in Illustration and Watercolour, which academic institution did comics illustrator and writer Jill Thompson attend?

Source: Hermes Rivera/ Unsplash
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Quiz: Can you guess which university these comic book artists studied at?
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