University of Canterbury: Placing you at the Centre of Entrepreneurship
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University of Canterbury: Placing you at the Centre of Entrepreneurship

A rapidly-changing global environment

The current global business environment is fast-growing and constantly changing. As such, the College of Business and Law at the University of Canterbury (UC) ensures its courses remain up-to-date and in line with industry expectations.

Alongside one of New Zealand’s leading law schools, UC Business School focuses on developing resilient graduates with the skills and personal attributes required to drive innovation, sustainable growth, and positive social change.

Off-campus, the AACSB-accredited business school maintains remarkable connections with the corporate world, not-for-profit sectors and public organisations. By harbouring world-class industry partners, the school can lay on an array of workshops and internship opportunities that significantly boost student employability and professional rapport.

Since many employers are aware of the independent thinking techniques and career-driven topics that UC integrates into its courses, business school students have a very high chance of being noticed by people who matter.

The school’s Bachelor of Commerce degree encourages students to think logically and innocatively with a global perspective. You’ll demonstrate in-depth knowledge of your major subject and understand how current theoretical topics can be applied within the working world.

Equally, UC’s postgraducate business programmes, such as the Master of Business Management course, increases career options, allowing students to further their leadership skills and gain a critical awareness of challenges in the business field. As each business school degree has been designed with your global prospectcs and employability in mind, you’re bound to catch the eyes of employers.

UC Centre for Entrepreneurship

Alongside employability, entrepreneurship is a focal point of the UC Business School experience. Empowered by the UC Centre for Entrepreneurship (UCE), you’ll get exclusive access to events, programs and rewarding student challenges.

As Bachelor of Laws student, Laura Robinson, explains: “UCE has been really valuable for me. It’s a toolkit for understanding business and offers me a realistic perspective of my vision. You should go in with a strong vision and passion of what you want to achieve, but also be prepared to take the opportunity to put that vision into action and to grow it into something incredible.”

From idea generation to implementation; UCE supports participants every step of the way. The Hatchery is the best place to begin your entrepreneurial venture, giving you the chance to test out your social and commercial creations. By signing up to this student incubator programme, you’ll receive regular coaching with UCE staff, plus a dedicated workspace in the Centre, pitching and networking opportunities, plus endless cups of tea and coffee to keep you ready and alert!

Once your idea comes to fruition, you may want to spend some time developing it by undertaking the Enterprise in Practice (BSNS290) project course. This course is designed for students who want to shape their innovation skills, or otherwise shape up their existing business or social enterprise. It grants you the real-life practice needed to become part of a successful, committed team, also giving you the chance to evolve alongside like-minded student entrepreneurs.

Or, if you’d prefer to sign up to a one-off entrepreneurial challenge, there are many options to choose from at UCE. There’s the 48 Hour Health competition, set up by the Health Precinct Advisory Council, where students work together to help solve current issues surrounding the health sector. With first place winning NZ$1,500, it’s a great way to earn experience and financial support for your independent project!

Become an industry innovator

Your career prospects are just as important to UC as they are to you, so the School has linked up with valuable partners and produced a Summer Start-up Programme. Sponsored by EY, the scheme will inspire and support you to become a leading innovator in your industry of choice. By offering a student-focused space where ideas can freely flourish, this is an excellent opportunity for learners who want to enhance their expertise over summer.

As UC student, Stefan Warnaar explains: “Summer Start-up was one of the best summers that I have had. Not only in terms of developing my business, but also meeting so many people and making lots of new friends. Plus, all the new connections will be very useful for the future.”

In addition to involvement in graduate recruitment programmes and campus talks, employers also like to contribute to the NZUniCareerHub. The University of Canterbury is a co-founder of this site, therefore it ensures that top companies are regularly supplied with direct links to students and its extensive graduate network. This makes it easier for you to be at the centre of employer interest, allowing you to gain a tremendous head-start over the competition!

At UC you have opportunities to demonstrate to employers your willingness to dive into brilliant entrepreneurial initiatives outside of your studies, as well as your natural determination to work hard and succeed. Equipped with a positive learning attitude, you’ll leave feeling confident and ready to enter the workforce.

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