University of Canterbury: Cultivating Masters of the Law
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University of Canterbury: Cultivating Masters of the Law

“I chose to study at Canterbury because the School of Law is known as one of the best in the country.” – Aishwarya S. Bagchi, Master of Laws with First Class Honours

Law has earned a reputation for being one of the most rigorous academic degrees. Also described as one of higher education’s most sought-after degree-level subjects, global universities continue to produce hundreds of thousands of qualified graduates each and every year. And even as the race for the best professional roles continues to heat up, institutions like the University of Canterbury’s School of Law are raising the bar even higher, consistently refining work-ready graduates who secure the most rewarding specialist roles.

Ranked within the Top 150 Law Schools in the world, the Canterbury School of Law represents one of the very finest in Australasia. Nestled on a cutting-edge campus in Christchurch, New Zealand, this School boasts state-of-the-art facilities and credibility to match, helping aspiring law professionals from across the globe forge long-term, rewarding careers.

“The school’s academic strength and the flexibility of the degrees we offer make our postgraduate programme an attractive option for students wanting to develop their research skills,” the faculty explains.

“To develop a career in the fields of policy, politics, or government, a postgraduate qualification is all but essential.”

Enter the Canterbury Master of Laws (LLM)

In line with a global industry that’s wrought with constant change, the school has restructured its Master of Laws (LLM), striving to elevate and innovate the class of 2018. The LLM offers a new course designed to train students in research methodology, and allows students to pursue three research papers in a wide range of areas under expert supervision, or undertake a research thesis. It is a course that provides breadth, depth and enduring flexibility.

Here, emphasis on legal research gives students the chance to truly excel in their subject of choice. From Public Law, Torts and Accident Compensation Law to Arts and Media Law, Legal Philosophy to Indigenous Peoples’ Rights, Commercial to International Law; this is a programme that will provide a globally-recognised qualification.

“I chose to study at Canterbury because the School of Law is known as one of the best in the country,” Aishwarya S. Bagchi, a recent LLM graduate, explains. “We are fortunate to have some of the leading authorities in Law available as our lecturers and supervisors,” she adds. “Law has trained me to approach any situation in life through reasoning and analysis.”

As a degree that translates to a wide range of fields, prospects abound in terms of professional success. Canterbury’s legal graduates are highly-employable in both the public and private sectors, empowered by their rich, specialist expertise and globally-relevant knowledge.

Master of Laws in International Law and Politics (LLMIntLaw&Pols)

Specifically-designed for those with a passion for global law and politics, this programme serves rising demand for multi-disciplinary study in the field of global law. It requires students to pursue two compulsory subjects plus a dissertation, with two additional options selected from a detailed range of courses, including[1]:

  • International Criminal Law
  • World Trade Law
  • Antarctic Legal Studies
  • International Environmental Law
  • European Public Law
  • Human Rights Law
  • Law of the Sea

Upon completion of this degree, you’ll find yourself open to a world of opportunity. Canterbury’s LLMIntLaw&Pols graduates have since forged long and thriving careers with international organisations such as the UN, government departments – including foreign ministries (in New Zealand and overseas), international law firms, and non-governmental organisations.

“In the ever-changing world of today, a comprehensive knowledge of international law as well as international relations is an asset to be treasured, and I felt that my degree would give me an advantage,” says Anjana Mishra, a recent graduate of the LLM in International Law and Politics.

“New Zealand is a wonderful country to study in,” she adds, “and the different nationalities represented in the students at the University of Canterbury are a testimonial to the same. My classmates are of different nationalities, making our classes truly international.”

If you hope to become a Master of Laws, the University of Canterbury is your best bet for success.

Please note that not all courses are offered every year

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