SUNY Buffalo: A high-quality engineering and applied sciences education

“Information, computing and communication technologies pervade nearly all aspects of today’s digital society and will continue in the decades ahead to be of critical importance to the nation’s technological infrastructure.” – Chunming Qiao, Professor and Chair, Department of Computer Science and Engineering, SUNY Buffalo

SUNY Buffalo student life reaches far beyond the classroom walls. Complemented by a calming campus vibe, more than 300 student clubs and organizations, a Division I athletics program, concerts, world-revered speakers and more, your SUNY Buffalo experience is one that can’t be matched.

As a member of the prestigious Association of American Universities, the University at Buffalo stands in the first rank among U.S. research-intensive universities. It is also the flagship university of the State University of New York (SUNY) system.

The institution’s North Campus is nestled in a suburban setting in Amherst, New York, and this space is home to most of SUNY Buffalo’s School of Engineering and Applied Sciences and the university’s undergraduate programs. Set amid the backdrop of Buffalo’s University Heights neighborhood is the South Campus, while SUNY Buffalo’s Downtown Campus is headquarters to a wealth of cutting-edge medical research. An efficient shuttle bus service connects all three campuses, not only making it safe but also convenient for those trying to get around.

“The winters may be cold, but Buffalo stays warm with a vibrant creative community and strong local pride,” the Lonely Planet notes. “Settled by the French in 1758, the city is believed to derive its name from beau fleuve (beautiful river),” it adds. “…One of its nicknames – Queen City – was because it was the largest and most prosperous city along the Great Lakes.”

The Buffalo-Niagara region is known to be modern and dynamic. Characterized by a vibrant arts scene, inspiring park spaces, beautiful fresh-water Great Lakes waterfront, world-class sports teams and an affordable cost of living, the ‘City of Good Neighbors’ is diverse and captivating.

Majestic Niagara Falls is only twenty minutes from campus and Buffalo’s location offers easy road trips to Toronto, New York City and Pittsburgh. The airport also offers inexpensive flights to many locations throughout the U.S.

School of Engineering and Applied Sciences

Established in 1946, the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences (SEAS) extends SUNY Buffalo’s proud tradition of outstanding academics and powerful research. Ranked among the top engineering schools by U.S. News & World Report, the school provides an inclusive environment that supports big thinking, creative freedom, and vast possibilities for achievement for our faculty, students and alumni. Hosting a global collective of students from over 65 countries and 30 states, the impact of the SUNY Buffalo engineering and applied sciences community resonates worldwide.

“Here at SUNY Buffalo’s School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, we are moving quickly on a number of fronts to ensure we are positioned to address…challenges without weakening the deep disciplinary strengths on which our research excellence depends,” says Liesl Folks, Dean of SUNY Buffalo School of Engineering and Applied Sciences.

“…In what might be our toughest challenge in this decade,” she adds, “we simply must figure out how to engage all demographic groups in the engineering enterprise to maximize our potential – regionally, nationally and internationally.”

Department of Computer Science and Engineering

Built on a heritage of academic prestige, the Department of Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) prepares SUNY Buffalo students to thrive. Fueled by leading faculty, an influential alumni network, hands-on experience and accredited programs, the CSE department empowers aspiring engineers and applied scientists at undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate-research levels.

SUNY Buffalo CSE is a lively, growing department with prominent senior faculty and enthusiastic junior staff. Every member of the SUNY Buffalo CSE populace works on a range of exciting research topics including AI, Big Data, bioinformatics, cybersecurity, machine learning, Internet of Things, self-driving cars and 5G wireless networks. This, combined with low tuition, makes it easy to see why SUNY Buffalo CSE is a popular choice for students from all over the globe.

“Our computer science degree program was initiated in 1967, making SUNY Buffalo one of the first universities in the world to have such a degree program,” says Chunming Qiao, professor and chair of CSE.

“We just celebrated 50 years of excellence in research and education,” adds Qiao, “with year-round talks by our distinguished alumni and a special two-day event. We are proud of the accomplishments of our many alumni, who include university presidents and CEOs of some of the fastest-growing information technology companies in the world.”

When you join SUNY Buffalo’s Department of Computer Science and Engineering, you also gain valuable ties to this universal alumni network, gaining exclusive access to companies such as Bloomberg, Google and Microsoft. Among CSE’s most high-profile alumni are distinguished scientist Victor Bahl, academic leaders Max Nikias and Sung-Mo Kang, and successful entrepreneur and Baidu CEO, Robin Li.

As Li explains in a video in honor of CSE’s 50th anniversary, the department is committed to making a long-term impact on your career. “This university helped me to move personally and professionally towards my dream of using technology to change the world.”

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