Leading North American Computer Science Schools

Alongside the rise of technology, there comes a growing fear regarding economic impact. Many are concerned that machines capable of achieving artificial intelligence (AI) will eventually take over future job roles.

But according to inventor Luis von Ahn, this won’t be the case, since there are a lot of problems computers can’t yet solve. “It’s funny because some of these problems are very simple problems seemingly,” he explains. “For example, a computer cannot tell you what’s inside an image. They can tell you something is there but it can’t really quite tell you there’s a cat next to a dog and they’re both running. A computer can’t do that. As for humans, we can do it super easily.”

Yes, it’s true that technology is everywhere, but that doesn’t necessarily mean we have to opt for anti-computer careers. For those looking to get into the computer science sector, you’ll be delighted to know that the digital age actually delivers a wealth of benefits.

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Yahoo Finance reports that as industries increase their computer use, there will be a subsequent decrease of job replacement and a key emphasis on improvement. “There will be a gradual evolution and redefinition of jobs so that the tasks that can be automated will free you so that you can tackle more tasks.” It seems that machines are set to help employers with their daily routines and will, in turn, enable efficient multitasking.

Moving forward, many believe the computer revolution will trigger an influx of jobs. The International Business Times understands that the workplace is constantly evolving, and with all these new technologies, there comes a pressing need for more computer scientists, engineers and programmers. “Imagine a world in which the most mundane tasks are being handled by a machine or even a futuristic android robot, and humans are left to innovate, create and build more.”

By living in a world that heavily relies on technology, computer specialists will be required to keep it up-and-running. There has never been a better time to update your skill set and jump on the tech-based bandwagon. Inevitably, the world continues to change and it’s vital that we remain up-to-date.  By studying subjects that are relevant and contemporary, you are less likely to feel left behind and much more likely to land your success.

Here are the leading Computer Science Schools in North America…


With a long legacy of academic excellence, the internationally recognized Department of Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) at SUNY Buffalo consistently produces top-tier graduates. Degrees offered include BA and BS in computer science and computer engineering, and MS and PhD in computer science.

SUNY Buffalo CSE is a growing, vibrant department with world-renowned senior faculty and enthusiastic junior faculty. Students and faculty at SUNY Buffalo CSE are actively working on a broad range of exciting research topics including AI, Big Data, bioinformatics, cybersecurity, machine learning, Internet of Things, self-driving cars and 5G wireless networks. This, combined with low tuition, makes it easy to see why SUNY Buffalo CSE is a popular choice for students from around the globe.

Once you joinSUNY Buffalo CSE, you’ll be connected to a global and prestigious alumni network, who work at companies such as Bloomberg, Google, and Microsoft. High-profile alumni include distinguished scientist Victor Bahl, academic leaders Max Nikias and Sung-Mo Kang, and successful entrepreneur Baidu CEO Robin Li.

A member of the prestigious Association of American Universities,SUNY Buffalo stands in the first rank among US research-intensive universities. The School of Engineering and Applied Sciences is the largest and most comprehensive public school of engineering and applied sciences in New York State.


Right in the heart of Toronto sits the third largest communication and information technology center in North America. With undergraduate and postgraduate programs fixed on the lucrative computer science field, the university caters to the ever-growing demand for skilled computer scientists.

If you see yourself as a modern day innovator who wants to transform the technological age, the University of Toronto is a great study location to select – especially since the city is in the midst a ‘big tech moment’ right now.

To enhance your existing knowledge, you have the chance to apply for the Master of Science in Applied Computing (MScAC) scheme; a program that encourages you to take charge of your future and become a prominent leader.

While you study here, you may also want to get involved with the CS Education Research Group as you’ll learn additional skills, such as the importance of teamwork in programming and how to master emerging technologies.


Computer Science is often deemed a complex subject, that’s why the department at Michigan State University implement stimulating facilities into lectures to keep students motivated. You’ll be happy to know that each facility is connected to a high-speed campus network that’s available for use 24-hours a day!

With two core tech-related undergraduate courses, the faculty’s Computer Engineering and Science programs will teach everything you need to know about computational thinking and how to create computer systems that are highly reliable.

As the university Chairperson confirms, “Our faculty are international leaders in applying computational approaches to solve significant problems across the disciplines.”

Much like the other listed universities, your future is fundamental to Michigan State. To help you with any queries, there’s an on-campus Careers Centre where you can seek guidance. For instance, if you require direction about where to direct your reputable Computer Science degree, the team are on-hand to help.


At Boston University, students love the balance between living and learning. Situated in one of America’s top research hubs, the city is booming with likeminded computer science learners who are passionate about the latest systems and tech trends.

Each of Boston’s computer science and engineering courses specifically targets the technological revolution. They delve into sought-after subjects such as the fundamentals of computing systems, concepts of programming languages and the theory of computation.

For prospective Ph.D. students, the school’s specialized program persuades you to “become an expert in a technical subfield of Computer Science and advance the state of the art by contributing original research in that discipline.” By teaming up with Boston University, you’ll obtain practical experience in and beyond the classroom.

Additionally, you’ll be exposed to an array of awards such as the Research Excellence Award (REA) and the Teaching Excellence Award (TEA). Accomplishments such as these will look superb on your CV!


Accredited by the Engineering Accreditation Commission of ABET, the computer science programs at the University of Florida abide by a strong set of guidelines.

A key program outcome is for Florida students to be able to identify, solve and formulate engineering problems. This is a key skill for any computer science and engineering graduate, helping you excel in your education and future career.

What’s great about this Florida-based university is that there’s always something fun to do! By partnering with entrepreneurs and researchers, for example, students get the chance to test virtual reality. The department’s VR for the Social Good Initiative aims to connect cutting-edge simulations across campus to explore its potential for social progression.

Combined with visionary computer-generated projects, the university has put together a collection of constructive career-driven events for their students. One workshop that stands out is the Career Development Workshop (CDW); this biannual event always sparks the interests of local and global innovators, and represents a great opportunity to meet and get advice from industry professionals.

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