UNH: Specialised MBAs that capitalise on and expand your business strengths
Source: UNH College of Business

Internationally-known for its high national ranking by The Princeton Review as well as its reputation as the number one best college for business by Niche (2019), the University of New Hampshire’s (UNH) Peter T. Paul College of Business and Economics is where many aspiring business professionals choose to pursue the Full-time MBA.

Paired with an extensive selection of specialist courses, you’ll have the option to pursue a 10-month programme while capitalising on or expanding your strengths through specialisations like growth and innovation, or information systems and business analytics.

A school that has achieved the gold standard accreditation by the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB), Peter T. Paul College of Business and Economics ensures a high return on your time and financial investment, advancing your potential through a three-day New York residency, a 10-day international residency and a corporate consulting project that helps you apply what you’ve learned to solve a real-world business issue.

The UNH MBA advantage

“A specialisation makes an MBA more customised to a student’s career interests and conveys a competitive edge to employers,” says Victoria Parker, Paul College Associate Dean for Graduate Education and Faculty Administration.

Source: UNH College of Business

“For professionals looking to move up in their current career track,” she adds, “an MBA specialisation helps them deepen and update their knowledge in their specific field. For those looking to shift careers, a specialisation helps them pivot into a different field and establish a strong base of knowledge and experience in that new field.”

If you’re wondering how this school will emphasise your talents, here are the unique specialisations offered at the school:

Information Systems & Business Analytics

Equipping you with the knowledge and skills in the areas of business analytics: descriptive, predictive, and prescriptive; this specialisation helps you bring added value to any organisation through data analysis and visualization, as well as by predicting or forecasting future probabilities and trends.

It also encourages you to become a confident decision-maker, ready to evaluate and determine the best ways to achieve business objectives in resource-constrained environments, while quantifying the risks present in uncertain business situations.

Current full-time UNH MBA student from China, Hui Wang explains that, “An MBA is a very general programme with a wide range of knowledge, which is great for job searching. On the flip side, recruiters also want to hire people who have niche expertise in specific areas. With the UNH specialisations, I can introduce myself with one or more specific skills, impressing recruiters and showing them that I have depth in several areas such as Information Systems and Business Analytics.”

Growth & Innovation

While taking your MBA at UNH, do you want to enhance your entrepreneurial expertise?

If so, the Growth and Innovation specialisation supplies you with the tools and techniques needed to develop as a driven business leader. Once you’ve adopted these key entrepreneurial skills, you can then go on and apply them to smaller, newer firms and larger, established companies.

Driving organisational growth, innovation and change, the skills you acquire in this specialisation may be applied in a range of contexts, such as new ventures, corporate entrepreneurship and social enterprises.

For Robb Atkinson, current full-time MBA student and Strategic Account Director for Millennium Agency: “At UNH’s Paul College, not only do I get the core MBA classes but, by specialising, I can learn real life skills from instructors who are experts in my chosen fields. Courses also use incredibly realistic simulations that give us on the job experience. Therefore, my specialisation gives me a competitive edge over other applicants when applying for a job. You gain instant credibility as an expert in your field.”


Designed to help students recognise, prioritise and execute opportunities for growth through new and existing customers, this specialisation focuses on the three strategic initiatives of the marketing department: Marketing Analytics, Digital Marketing and New Product Development.

Source: UNH College of Business

Flexibility also provides tracks for less seasoned students (marketing analytics and tools) and for more seasoned students (product and service innovation focus).

As Brett Carneiro ‘17G, Head of Digital for Infonomic Data Inc. states, “I had been working in the marketing field and wanted to get my MBA to expand my knowledge of the various areas of business, such as accounting and finance, analytics, management and economics. But I also wanted to deepen my understanding of the world in which I live so the marketing specialisation was particularly attractive. That core of knowledge achieved through the specialisation gives a ‘stamp of approval’ in an area that matters to employers.”

Three additional specialisations available are in the areas of Finance, Global Business, and Hospitality Management.

In fall 2019, UNH’s Paul College will offer two stand-alone online certificates in Information Systems & Business Analytics and Hospitality Management that you can pursue as a prelude to the MBA, and apply those credits toward your MBA in the future.

So, if you want to strategise your MBA studies to strengthen your business portfolio and your professional path, enquire at UNH today!

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