UNH Manchester: Accelerate in Information Technology with the MS IT program

UNH Manchester: Accelerate in Information Technology with the MS IT program

If you’re looking for a fast-track route towards a career in computing and technology, the University of New Hampshire at Manchester has the perfect choice for you!

Through its Master of Science in Information Technology (MS IT) degree, you can study an innovative, high-tech  curricula on a part- or full-time basis. By supplying flexible study options and you’ll soon find the UNH Manchester education to be just as unique as you.

Strategic Study Destination

“Manchester is a city that has so many wonderful attractions,” says MS IT Student, Gayathri Parthasarathy. “For international students, it feels like home as it’s a friendly, diverse and multicultural community. With its vibrant atmosphere and well-connected east coast location, it’s no surprise that the Greater Boston area serves as the headquarters for many global companies. Plus, even though Manchester is comparatively less expensive than Boston, it still offers equal career opportunities.”

Known to be one of the Happiest Cities in the US, Manchester, New Hampshire, is bursting with student-friendly arts, culture and entertainment activities. One of many great things about studying here is that you’ll never run out of things to do. For those who love to be creative and explore the advanced fine arts field, the campus is located nearby the Currier Museum of Art.

For lively indoor events, there’s the Verizon Wireless Arena, and to check out the NH Fisher Cats team in action, you can take a trip down to the baseball field. Or, if you’d rather take time out from your studies to focus on the welfare of your Wildcat wellness, you can join group exercise classes and indoor/outdoor pools at the YMCA.

On the tech and business scene, Manchester is thriving. As the New York Times explains, “The revitalized mill district in Manchester is gaining a wider reputation as a fertile ecosystem for technology firms. By aligning itself with the millyard’s high-tech focus, the University of New Hampshire has strengthened its offerings in science, technology, engineering and math, including a new biotechnology major and state-of-the-art laboratory facilities.”

This is amazing news for aspiring MS IT students as the NYT also adds that “Many students walk to internships at tech firms and medical facilities nearby.” So during your time at UNH, you’ll have the chance to choose from a range of valuable placement opportunities.

Multidimensional MSIT Degree

Gayathri Parthasarathy

“Before I decided to pursue the MS IT program, I worked as a software developer in India for two years,” adds Gayathri. “However, I wanted to advance my cloud computing, data analytics, and cybersecurity skills. I noticed that the MS IT program has project requirements in all courses to integrate authentic business problem solving with IT professional practices. That’s why I’m so glad I chose this university, they’ve helped me build up a solid foundation in information technology and helped me land a job with Fidelity Investments.”

If you’re looking to dive straight into the world of tech and computing, the Master of Science in Information Technology (MS IT) is the ideal study route. With in-class and online learning activities and effective teamwork sessions, you’ll be introduced to a vast array of tech-savvy tools and DevOps platforms.

As you can see from the MS IT introductory video, once students join the UNH computing community, they become part of a global family. By plugging your mind into the multidimensional MS IT curriculum, you’ll learn from many specialized topics and experience a practical learning culture. From database systems and technologies to object-orientated software development, all subject areas are covered.

To qualify for this program, you must already have a bachelor’s degree in a computing-related discipline. For internships, international students are eligible, but you will need to be at the university on an F1 visa for one year before accepting a placement. For more information, check out the Office of International Students and Scholars (OISS).

UNH Student Life

“Student life at UNH Manchester is amazing. While studying there, I’ve been offered various internships and assistantships with stipends,” Gayathri explains. “Through the UNH Internship office and the UNH Career Fair that takes place every semester, I got the chance to meet numerous employers and secure incredible placements. So, if you’re an international student looking to boost your career in tech and computing, my advice would be to enjoy your time at UNH and look forward to working with such talented professors!”

By joining the UNH Wildcats, you’ll be connecting to an educational community that’s diverse, inclusive and equitable. With a campus full of trained security officers, you’ll always feel secure at the University of New Hampshire, and with plenty of student societies and clubs, you’ll find it easy to make friends with like-minded individuals.

A crucial element to the UNH study structure is the career planning department. With a multitude of student success stories, you could discover your dream role in the city of Manchester. As the university is tied to a hub of tech-based companies and high-profile IT institutions, the MS IT program acts as a stepping stone between your graduate studies and your future career.

In a generation where technological change and globalization are impacting our global workforce, pursuing an MS IT degree from the University of New Hampshire is a smart step to take. It’s time to take your skillset to the next level and plug yourself into the Wildcat world!

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