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Set in a state that constantly places you on the edge of a new vista, the University of New Hampshire (UNH) is where some of the world’s most adventurous, ambitious research and intellectual work occurs.

A learning location like no other, applying to UNH means you’ll be studying at the heart of an inclusive campus climate, exploring the wonders of the White Mountains and wandering the coast of the Atlantic.

Driven to design the unimaginable, the university takes pride in conquering real-world challenges and collaborating with students to develop everlasting solutions.

A research university where relationships matter

Awakening students’ potential through a pragmatic learning approach, UNH offers an extensive selection of undergraduate programmes that exude extraordinary value.

Rather than employing a one-way strategy, the university encourages students to take the driver’s seat and tailor the course to suit their needs.

Unlike other US universities, students and faculty work together to examine the past and build the future. That’s why every learner who walks through UNH campus doors becomes an integral member of the Wildcat community.

Matching the high-quality academics, the university’s pioneering research efforts are also key to the UNH study experience.

With a remarkable research portfolio that includes partnerships with NOAA, NASA, NSF and NIH, UNH brings in more than US$100 million in competitive external funding each year with its world-class initiatives and investigations.

It’s also why there are over 20 NASA satellites with UNH instruments floating up in space, and why there’s plenty of ground-breaking hubs built for student and faculty discovery – including the Prevention Innovations Research Center (PIRC) and the Center for Coastal and Ocean Mapping (CCOM).

Students who see beyond obstacles

So, what makes learning at UNH unique and how else is this flagship university impacting the world?

As you can see from this trailblazing video, one way the university supports students is through personal connections. When professors portray their passion for the subject, learners mirror this enthusiasm and strive forward in their ventures.

UNH ensures every teacher has a story to share and a determination to develop students’ future success.

After being taught by an experienced professional, you’ll soon construct and follow an impressive trail of your own.

The freedom to transform into a 21st-century changemaker is what international student, Sid Nigam from India valued most about his UNH study experience.

Travelling from Mumbai to New Hampshire, Sid found himself in an educational hub of innovation. Satisfied by the university’s reputation for campus safety (Alarms.org 2018) and its first-class ranking for sustainability (AASHE), his US study adventure turned out much better than expected.

As he explains, “UNH was the best year of my life and I stayed with an amazing host family. There is a plethora of opportunities for undergraduates [who] want to do real-world research, which is unheard of at some of the bigger universities.

“Thanks to the generous scholarship donation, the university not only helped me to pursue my academic dreams but…enabled me to apply for eye-opening roles such as a UNH resident assistant and a participant on the Engineering without Borders programme for a water project in Peru.

“I truly believe that anything is possible at UNH,” Sid adds.

On the edge of new possibilities

Students at UNH often graduate with gratitude for the university’s commitment to cultivating change.

From arriving at the campus with hopes for a future they once deemed impossible, the university helps them develop, design and define their future with endless possibilities.

After collecting their degree, industry experience and unforgettable memories from UNH, the high-standard of UNH education remains with graduates for a lifetime.

Plus, with exceptional professors like Jing Wang believing in the power of higher education, current students and graduates always feel they’ve invested their time and efforts in the best US institution.

As former student, Angela Tidd explains, “Professor Wang is one of the very best professors I have had during my time at UNH. She pushes students to learn outside of class, to think past the school environment and cares deeply for her students on a personal and professional level.

Source: UNH

“She arms students with skills that they can use in the workplace even after graduation,” adds Wang’s colleague, Tevfik Aktekin.

If you’re curious about the teaching excellence demonstrated above, or the revolutionary undergraduate research efforts at UNH, simply click here to request further information.

Or, if you’re ready to explore what’s possible, apply to UNH here!

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