UNH: Promoting inclusive excellence and global influence

By earning the highest possible rating for sustainability from AASHE, the University of New Hampshire (UNH) has become a global leader in both the environmental and education sector. With a campus that’s highly secure and internationally-recognized by US News & World Report, UNH is an institution that will positively impact your career.

New beginnings in New Hampshire

If you’re searching for a fresh start and a location where you can live and work in harmony, UNH could be your next best study destination!

In the USA, New Hampshire is known for its laid-back vibes and nature-loving communities. By studying here, you’ll be signing up for endless adventures as you enjoy an outdoor oasis of ocean views. Off campus, you can escape the lecture hall and unwind on mountainous treks. Or, if you’re someone who likes to socialize at bars and restaurants, you can check out the astounding array of local cuisine.

With prime access to campuses in Manchester, Durham and Concord, there’s a multitude of cities where your degree could take place. As a Top 10 Tech City, Manchester is choice for digitally infused jobs and innovative careers.

The main campus of Durham sits in the middle of everywhere. Just a short distance from historical sites such as the Stonehouse Pond and Ordiorne Point State Park, UNH is a gateway into engaging and exhilarating activities.

Also, the Concord campus offers its fair share of fun. Through a virtual tour of the School of Law’s facilities, you can envision your future studies in a stunning student-centric setting.

Global problems and strategic solutions

In the top 20 percent of US universities in terms of both research and funding, the University of New Hampshire takes the exploration of global topics to a deeper level.

By igniting innovation and exploring diverse subject fields, UNH has become a top-tier national research institution. Connected to facilities like the InterOperability Lab and content-rich library, students and faculty members have the freedom to design strategic solutions for complex problems.

To capture your creativity, the university hosts an Undergraduate Research Conference. This year, more than 1,500 students across academic disciplines will gain exclusive access to advanced projects and a dynamic display of scholarly work. At this established hub of research, students will also acquire a core understanding of academic exploration and why it’s so important to develop resolutions for international issues.

Additionally, the university has created specialized centers in which learners can commit their time. For instance, since 1999, the UNH Center for Coastal and Ocean Mapping (CCOM) has gone beyond the surface level of the sea and conducted a range of world-class research. The school regularly puts student skills into action to get them ready for the future.

“The UNH Space Science Center is really vast – there are many different people working in very different fields – so I had options,” says Tejaswita Sharma, UNH Physics student originally from India. “I could go into magnetosphere or heliosphere; there are people working in galaxies or high-energy astrophysics. There were so many options. I thought this would be a really good place, and after coming here I could figure out what I really wanted to work in.”

 Prioritize your passions and ambitions

UNH is a school that teaches you to prioritize your passions and ambitions. By encouraging you to explore the unknown, you’ll push your spirit, voice and body to the ultimate level. From day one, the university welcomes you into the Wildcat community of trendsetters, visionaries and creative collaborators.

“UNH has been able to offer me so many opportunities that involve meeting new people and participating in new experiences,” says Brenden Holt, student of Health and Physical Education. “It is in these moments where I grew as a person holistically. UNH has given me more than I ever expected.”

“Being from Norway, it was a tough decision to fly across the world to go to school away from family and friends, but I am extremely happy I made the choice,” says Chris Wingate, Finance and Information Systems student. “I’ve made life-long relationships, taken many unique courses, and made full use of the countless opportunities that UNH provides.”

“UNH has challenged and pushed me to excel,” says Civil Engineering student. Katie Haslett. “I have grown academically, athletically, and spiritually in ways I did not think possible. My mentors, professors, coaches, teammates and friends have all played a significant role in shaping me into the individual I am today, and I can’t thank them enough.”

Transformational guidance and leadership

No matter where you’re from in the world or how far you’ve traveled, the University of New Hampshire will always support you. Even after you’ve graduated, the university keeps you updated with Wildcat news and events. And there’s always space in their ever-growing alumni association.

Unlike other universities, UNH has a dedicated mentoring program set up to steer you through job applications, internship opportunities and professional growth plans. Plus, the Wildcat careers team has upgraded their work platform to make it even easier for you to find the role of your dreams.

For prospective students who want to transform their academic ambitions and personal passions into reality, UNH has set up plenty of internships and career fairs for you to showcase your talents.

But if you’re unsure about how to communicate with potential employers or how to present yourself during interviews, there are Pathways Team Leaders to get in touch with who will point you in the right direction.

The University of New Hampshire wants everyone to have an equal chance to reach their goals. Powered by a strong community culture and sustainable partnerships with students, staff and companies worldwide, you will experience a study adventure unlike any other.

“Learning about different cultures and languages is my thing. I hope to get an accounting job with a global firm and have opportunities to learn other cultures,” says Hyun Jun Kim, a UNH Accounting student from South Korea.

“UNH is a perfect place for you to learn English but also to be successful academically,” he adds. “It’s hard enough to challenge you, but also you have time to yourself to socialize with people and improve your English, because your English skills come from talking to people; you don’t just learn it by sitting in the classroom.”

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