Unearth the complexities of Urban Ecology at the Utah Asia campus
Source: University of Utah, Asia Campus

With growing interest in sustainability and the rising climate crisis, the subject of Urban Ecology at the University of Utah Asia Campus is in great demand.

As an integral part of one of the top US universities, the Asia Campus (UAC) in Songdo, Incheon, was established in September 2014. By mirroring the academic excellence found at the US campus, UAC unites the same rigorous curriculum with the same high-standard teaching.

By studying here, you’ll receive an undergraduate or postgraduate University of Utah degree while being taught by qualified faculty at the Utah Asia Campus – not to mention the fact that you get to experience the awe-inspiring surroundings of South Korea!

Evolve into an Urban Ecologist

As one of the most fascinating and essential subjects of our society today, Urban Ecology (UE) has the power to truly help communities understand the complexity of issues affecting quality of life and the long-term health of the environment.

Source: University of Utah, Asia Campus

In a world suffering reams of destructive natural disasters and looming climate change threats, current and future generation changemakers are choosing UAC for degree programmes that will benefit the global environment.

By applying for the Utah Undergraduate UE degree, you’ll have the opportunity to explore the interrelationships among social, environmental and economic systems, enhancing the vitality and sustainability of places and communities.

Unlike other degrees of its kind, its interdisciplinary framework will inspire you to engage with a variety of academic activities, including community meetings, problem-solving projects, analytical work and administrative duties.

As an inherently practical programme, you’ll respond to real-world issues that have occurred in the ‘new west’. For instance, issues that involve environmental management, fragile landscape protection, recreation and tourism, public lands planning, rapid population growth, rural towns, regional transportation, energy production and low-density sprawl.

Source: University of Utah, Asia Campus

Much like the way an ecologist studies the natural environment, as an urban ecologist, you’ll use the same ecological approach but apply it to cities from a socio-ecological perspective.

Build a sustainable career in an uncertain world

Once you’ve completed this degree at UAC, you’ll already have established a future-proof professional portfolio.

In an uncertain world, it’s vital that you look ahead to your career. You must be able to meet the needs of a rapidly-changing economy, and this UE undergraduate degree equips you with the skills needed to advance, personally and professionally.

By introducing you to everyday challenges early on, UAC gifts you the confidence required to handle these issues in your future role. This school understands that employers view effective communication skills, self-management capabilities and resilience as career-ready attributes.

Utah graduates use their urban ecology experience to propel their careers, which tend to revolve around environmental and sustainability planning, urban planning, public health, public policy and community development.

Source: University of Utah, Asia Campus

To be admitted to this major, please note that you must have a cumulative GPA of 2.7 or higher. You must first seek consultation from the programme advisor and request to be coded as a major.

If you’re eager to unearth the complexities of contemporary urban ecology and wish to make a real difference in the world, click here for more information about this degree.

And if you’re an aspiring postgraduate applicant, the Utah Asia Campus also offers the multidimensional Master of City & Metropolitan degree.

Unlimited support and unmissable experiences at Utah

At UAC, you’ll be exposed to a world of unmissable activities and experiences.

One of the biggest UAC programmes for international students this year would be a Simply K-pop visiting day at Arirang TV.

At the event, UAC students saw their favourite K-pop stars’ performances, also receiving a studio tour and lecture about K-pop.

Source: University of Utah, Asia Campus

Arirang TV offers UAC students, including international students, the chance to join a Global CSR project associating with IGC (Incheon Global Campus) and global internship opportunities.

Alongside engaging activities, you’ll be supported through every step of your Utah Asia UE experience.

Represented by the Department of City and Metropolitan Planning at the Utah Asia Campus, this degree allows you to study cities from an ecological perspective.

For all the new concepts and theory you’ll explore, experienced Professors are on-hand to guide you through.

This degree deals with cities – the primary source of consumption for Earth’s land, energy, water and material resources – and the depth of this subject means you may need help and direction while diving into different modules – and that’s okay!

With this expertise and experience to support you, you’ll soon develop the critical thinking ability essential to re-conceptualising cities from a socio-ecological perspective, refining the methods and skills needed to assess and recommend improvements.

For the admissions process, you can speak to a UAC admissions counsellor through this useful chatbot. Simply write your name, email address and message and the counsellor will be in touch as soon as possible.

Source: University of Utah, Asia Campus

With regards to term dates and application deadlines for your Urban Ecology degree or other programmes you may be interested in, click here.

Every candidate is granted fair and equal consideration. By weighing your academic background with your life experience, the admissions team will figure out your academic rigour, test scores and your cumulative unweighted GPA.

So, if you’re ready to learn about land, law and culture and understand the importance of urban and environmental planning in an everchanging global landscape, choose the Utah Asia Campus and inspire global progression.

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