Develop your international career with these dynamic branch campuses
Source: Asia Campus, The University of Utah 

“The best education I have ever received was through travel.”- Lisa Ling

 Thanks to the digital age, access to education has improved dramatically. As many universities now offer online courses and the chance to study at global campuses, students are no longer restricted by their postal code.

When you merge education with travel, you not only get an incredible insight into an alternative culture, you may also receive a high standard of education to complement your experience.

As the travelling stage is an essential part to anyone’s study abroad adventure, people often forget about the valuable skills they acquire while discovering a new country and its cultural offerings.

One key skill that students learn from travelling to a university’s international branch campus is the art of cross-cultural communication. By meeting a variety of people from diverse backgrounds and experiencing entirely different customs and practices, students will learn to communicate effectively among professors, peers and new friends anywhere they go.

Source: Monash University Malaysia

According to Kathy Steiner-Lang, Director of an Office for International Students and Scholars, “Most people from other cultures appreciate people who show an interest in their culture. You may not know a lot — or anything — about certain cultures, so let people know up front. I’ve seen people’s faces drop when someone introduces themselves and says something like, ‘I’m from Myanmar.’ [But you can] just say, ‘Oh, I’m not familiar with Myanmar. Can you tell me about it?’ It opens up an avenue of conversation.”

By showing interest in someone else’s culture while studying abroad, you’ll not only be forming new friendships, you’ll also be enhancing your communication skills and getting a head-start on expanding your future professional network.

Another set of skills that students often gain from opting to study at a global branch campus are career-building skills. Your willingness and confidence to leave familiarity will demonstrate to employers your dedication to discovering the best educational pathways and it will show your independence and maturity when it comes to applying for a desired job role.

The evidence of effective time management will also be a leading factor towards your career success. By managing your travel plans and education timetables efficiently, you’ll show superb scheduling skills and the ability to manage your work. For instance, handing in essays on time or catching important flights to and from your global campus.

Source: Ningbo Campus, The University of Nottingham

Overall, there are so many skills to be gained from an international branch campus experience, so what are you waiting for?

Here are three global universities with influential branch campuses…


Globally known as one of the best universities in the United States, the University of Utah established its Asia Campus (UAC) in Songdo, Incheon, in September 2014. By carrying across its unrivalled educational excellence from America to Korea, both University of Utah campuses share the same academic curriculum and professional teaching standards.

All students who study at the University of Utah Asia Campus can earn a University of Utah degree while experiencing their education at this international location. Undergraduate students spend three years at the Asia Campus and one year at the campus in Salt Lake City, Utah, while graduate students spend one year at the Korea campus and one year at the Salt Lake City campus to complete their degree.

To foster student growth and to provide co-curricular learning opportunities for their students, the Asia Campus established an innovative Student Leadership & Involvement Centre (SLIC). By combining leadership workshops, community service activities and leadership consultants to help students reach their full potential, it is one of many assets of the Utah Asia Campus.

Source: Asia Campus, The University of Utah

Another way that the Asia campus demonstrates a commitment to its students’ development is through the Global Campus First-Year Studies course option. By immersing new students in two semesters focused on global citizenship, they emerge equipped with essential academic writing skills, math and science skills and cross-cultural communication skills.

Anything you can imagine, you can do at the University of Utah Asia Campus.


As an integral part of the distinguished University of Nottingham (UK), the Ningbo Campus is in a historic city on China’s Eastern Coast. Despite its exotic location, all teaching here is carried out in English, so you’ll experience the same standard of learning as you would at their Nottingham campus.

In relation to its thriving city life, Ningbo is internationally-known for its mix of modern and ancient culture. From the contemporary Museum of Art to its unique 1800s-style riverfront buildings, there’s something for every creative individual to enjoy.

Source: Ningbo Campus, The University of Nottingham

On the academic front, Nottingham’s Ningbo Campus is leading by example. With an extensive portfolio of undergraduate and postgraduate programmes, you’ll be introduced to faculties that encourage you to think both critically and creatively. By integrating a global perspective into their syllabuses, you’ll also combine your courses with an international outlook that will help you to communicate cross-culturally.

As MSc International Business student Tang Wei explains, “Nottingham’s international education makes you more competitive in the global job market, setting you up for an excellent future career.”

Therefore, students from China and beyond have the chance to gain a degree from a world-class university while also gaining skills that will take them to the next level of their career.


For an incredible city in Malaysia’s concrete jungle, the Subang Campus at Monash University offers a study adventure like no other. Complete with a secure and friendly work environment, international students from all walks of life often class Monash as their second home.

Source: Monash University Malaysia

Monash in Malaysia provides a myriad of courses and training programmes for learners to pursue. Predominately known for its Monash School of Business, their degrees are accredited by the Ministry of Education of Malaysia (MoE) and are recognised by qualifying agencies and professional bodies such as the Malaysian Qualifications Agency (MQA), the Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency (TEQSA) and the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB).

Set up in 1998, the Malaysia campus at Monash University has over 8,000 students from 70 countries. Therefore, as a new international student, you’ll never feel alone. Plus, their alumni community members will be there every step of the way to offer you essential career advice and support.

Additionally, Monash University in Malaysia has a qualified student advisory system in place that will assist you with a range of matters from policy and procedures, academic progress, disciplinary matters, complaints or grievances, as well as support and representation at relevant proceedings.

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