UNE: Study Business, Data Science and Law from anywhere in the world
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UNE: Study Business, Data Science and Law from anywhere in the world

Transforming traditional learning styles and taking programs into the digital age, the University of New England (UNE) has developed a remarkable range of online degrees.

As Australia’s Number 1 Online University, UNE races ahead of other distance learning institutes in the field, consistently producing “exceptionally high course satisfaction rates and high graduate salaries.”

Why opt for UNE Online Learning?

Otherwise known as distance education, online learning at UNE is a fast-growing trend. As an affordable alternative to classroom-based studies, many prospective learners are choosing to save their money and study from whichever location they choose.

The idea of moving abroad to a foreign country may be both overwhelming and unsettling. You might have the desire to pursue a particular subject, but there could be certain factors holding you back. For instance, you may have a job you can’t leave or family members that need your support. By opting to pursue an online course, you can fit lessons around your busy schedule.

Alongside the flexibility of virtual education, there’s also the benefit of self-paced learning. Rather than being bombarded with endless lecture notes and experiencing the unnecessary stress of keeping up with study sessions, you’ll get to understand the curriculum in your own time. UNE wants you to fully connect with modules instead of rushing your understanding of core concepts and theories.

Another prime advantage to the UNE online degree system is that you’ll be obtaining a high-class qualification from an established Australian university, without having to commit to living or working abroad.

Bringing business to you

The global business sector is booming, so there’s never been a better time to upgrade your knowledge and skills. By bringing business and management courses directly to you, UNE enhances your creative and critical thinking capabilities while you remain in the comfort of your home.

If you’re an undergraduate learner who wants to build a business foundation, you can choose the Bachelor of Business (BBus) course. With the guidance of your online professors, you’ll progress through accounting, marketing and economics modules and acquire the confidence to create a small or large-scale enterprise.  You can start off with a workforce entry qualification such as a Diploma in Business and then use the units of study for advanced standing into the BBus.

There are also Bachelor schemes for concentrated areas such as Organisational Leadership and Training and Development, as well as online graduate certificate courses in Agribusiness, Human Resource Management and NDIS Business Development.

Or, if you’ve already studied an undergraduate course and wish to improve your existing skills, you can move forward with the Master of International Business (MIntBus) degree and the Master of Business Administration (MBA). Designed to give you the motivation and capacity to carry out in-depth research and analysis, these postgraduate pathways help establish a bridge between you and your future career.

Law without limits

If you’re interested in learning without limits and studying with an experienced provider of legal education, have a browse at UNE School of Law’s online options.

By training you to secure professional roles as a paralegal, solicitor or barrister, your potential career destinations are unlimited. As the international demand for trained legal practitioners increases – especially in Asia – aspiring UNE students are signing up for online courses that will boost their natural talent.

Why wait to finish your Bachelor degree to start looking for work? After you complete our Diploma in Paralegal Studies, which is a pathway to the Advanced Diploma in Paralegal Studies and the Bachelor of Legal Studies, you could seek work in the Law field while you continue on with your next degree. UNE is all about flexibility. Study online from home to achieve your dreams.

Learners who achieve an ATAR or equivalent of at least 90.00 or have completed a Diploma with exemplary grades, may join the Bachelor of Laws (3 Years) or the Bachelor of Laws (4 Years) program. For those who wish to combine both legal and business frameworks, the Graduate Certificate in NDIS Business Development program is the perfect option. This qualification is open to those seeking managerial level employment and those who want to further their knowledge of legal processes.

There’s also a fascinating Criminology course that’s accessible online. By looking at the effects of crime and focusing on forensic science, forensic psychology and the sociology of deviance and victimology, you’re one step closer to achieving your goals!

Data Science at a distance

The world revolves around technology, and so Data Science has fast become a hot-topic. By examining modules across three study periods and receiving 24/7 online tutor support, the subject is broken down for a stronger transfer of knowledge.

For a direct study route into data science, you can connect to a Bachelor of Computer Science. Through this program, you’ll adopt multiple programming languages and modern collaborative tools that will assist you in developing real-world solutions to 21st-century technological issues.

Another way to add to your analytical abilities is through the Master of Data Science. As an entry-level postgraduate course, you’ll get to solve complex problems in the fields of science, health, business and more. Accredited by the Australian Computer Society (ACS), you can select part- or full-time learning styles.

There’s also the Graduate Certificate in Data Science. By gaining a certificate in this field, you’ll have the potential to pursue roles such as a business intelligence analyst, computational scientist, healthcare data manager and data architect. Your future is just as extensive as the World Wide Web!

Overall, the dynamic online courses at the University of New England (UNE) give you the chance to destroy any barriers that might restrict your education. Instead of giving up on your career prospects, you have a chance to chase them, regardless of where you are in the world.  Come online to UNE’s landing pages and request further information.

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