UNE: A rewarding student experience that prepares for career success
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UNE: A rewarding student experience that prepares for career success

While on the hunt for a prospective university, there are a lot of things to consider. Where would you like to live? What course best suits your aspirations? What can be said of the teaching quality? And of course, the killer question…how much are the fees?

The concept can feel overwhelming and it’s easy to get bogged down in the complexity of logistics. This can often lead you to forget one of the most important considerations when it comes to planning the next few years of your life: the overall student experience.

In Environmental and Rural Science at the University of New England (UNE), your experience takes priority. Receiving a five-star rating from the Good Universities Guide for the quality of its student experience for the twelfth consecutive year, UNE breaks new ground and sets a record unmatched by any other Australian university.

Comprised of a broad range of disciplines to suit all scientific interests, the School is committed to affording everyone with a passion for their subjects and the opportunity to pursue their science dreams.

Their Science Pathways program allows students without a background in science to pursue their interests, offering hands-on support to get your scientific career off to a flying start.

Study areas include Biomedical ScienceChemistryClinical Exercise PhysiologyComputer ScienceExercise ScienceMathematicsNeurosciencePharmacyPhysics and Electronics and Statistics.

When you consider the dedication of the outstanding faculty and their commitment to student support, it’s easy to see why the University has been showered with such an abundance of accolades.

“UNE has long taken pride in serving the needs of students. The 2018 Good Universities Guide ratings tell us that we are continuing to consistently excel in this area, which is the fundamental work of a modern university,” says Vice-Chancellor, Professor Annabelle Duncan.

“UNE’s emphasis on supporting students, wherever they are located and whatever their status in life, has been central to the University’s outlook since it became a global pioneer of distance education in 1954.”

UNE maintains this impressive track record by supporting students every step of the way. Wanting nothing more than for you to do well, faculty provide a wealth of services and programs that serve to elevate your education venture, standing by your side from the very first day through to post-graduation.

Through initiatives like Flexible Learning Options, the Academic Skills Office, and on-campus counselling, UNE students are nurtured and given every opportunity to flourish regardless of their culture, background, or any challenges they may face throughout their time at University.

A prime example of the individualised attention and care that is a hallmark of UNE, is the mentoring program for first-year female students enrolled in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM). A key initiative in Science and Technology, this program assists female students to make appropriate and effective choices in pursuing and achieving STEM-related career goals with the aim of righting the gender imbalance in the field.

Resources and services for career development mean that you start developing your career long before you finish your studies, so by the time graduation rolls around you’re ready and raring to go.

This, paired with a welcoming living environment and lively social scene, makes the overall UNE experience unforgettable and makes graduates unstoppable.

“My best experience at UNE was living on campus. I made lifelong friends from all over the country and memories that I will always cherish. Living on campus is the best way to experience everything that UNE has to offer,” says Computer Science student, Jeremy Collette.

“The colleges have great academic support systems, which allow you to excel alongside your peers. The colleges also provide many opportunities for self-development through various leadership positions, such as being part of the social committees or becoming a Resident Fellow or Academic Mentor.”

Cultivating the all-round winning student experience doesn’t happen by accident. It comes from a range of variables that combine to ensure a holistic approach to students’ academic and emotional wellbeing.

It is this all-round approach that keeps UNE at the top of the rankings when it comes to satisfaction. On top of achieving five-stars in student experience, the University also bagged the full five-stars for Teaching Quality, Student Support, Graduate Employment and Median Graduate Salary.

Teaching quality is undoubtedly a major consideration when looking for a university and can have a major impact, not just on your education achievements, but also on your success in life after graduation.

It’s no coincidence that UNE has retained its top-notch rating in this aspect for 11 of the past 12 years. The awards are testament to the outstanding lecturers and research professionals that guide you through your studies. In Science and Technology, they not only teach you the theory, but get you practicing what you learn right out of the blocks, as Business and Agriculture student Rebecca Clapperton found.

“While I’ve been working and studying I’ve found it really good because I’m able to apply what I’m learning straightaway. I’m not learning it and wondering why.

“I’ve become a lot more confident in myself and in our industry as a whole. It’s really opened my eyes to the big wide world and I’ve seen some problems and some areas where I really want to get involved.”

Through fantastic student support and exceptional academics and teaching, UNE graduates go on to have highly successful careers – as acknowledged by the exceptional rating for Graduate Employment and Median Graduate Starting salary.

“Because of the way UNE educates and supports its students, they go into their careers very well equipped to excel in the race for employment,” says Vice-Chancellor Duncan.

The Guide found that UNE business and management graduates are the best paid in the country, with just under 90 percent joining the workforce on a starting salary of at least $65,000.

“This is a terrific endorsement of the quality and dedication of UNE staff, and the relevance of the courses they deliver,” Duncan concludes.

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