UNE: Empowering all generations with online education
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UNE: Empowering all generations with online education

“If we want a flexible workforce, able to cope with the changing employment market, we must enable people to tailor their education to their own and society’s needs.”– UNE Vice-Chancellor Professor Annabelle Duncan

As the only online university to score five stars for student satisfaction every year for twelve consecutive years, The University of New England (UNE) is an academic provider you know you can trust.

By helping students adapt to a rapidly-changing world, UNE understands the power of merging first-rate knowledge with new technologies to create opportunities for learners who are not able to relocate.

This is what’s great about living in the digital era: your learning doesn’t have to be determined by your location. So, if you want to get a head-start in your chosen industry but you can’t commit to shifting your life abroad, check out the extensive selection of online diplomas on offer at UNE.

UNE Online Advantage

As one of Australia’s best online universities (Online Study Australia 2017), UNE has proven to be an impressive act to follow. Unlike other academic institutions that offer digital formats of their degrees, this university ensures all online offerings are paired with expert support.

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By helping learners of all backgrounds pursue their professional endeavors, UNE is determined to establish a network that places experienced professors in front of individuals who share the same subject interest.

To support that aim, UNE’s first Vice-Chancellor Dr Robert Madgwick stated that, “a university education should be available to all who can benefit from it and we cannot waste our educational potential by leaving untrained and uneducated to the highest level, men and women who are willing to subject themselves to the personal and intellectual discipline which is essential in external students.”

Built on a foundation of educational equality, UNE has continued to inspire and empower students from all over the world with online learning that’s available to all.

Business beyond borders

In an everchanging global economy, business has transitioned from the traditional boardroom towards a virtual setting. By understanding the effects of digitization on society, UNE’s Faculty of Science, Agriculture, Business and Law supplies online courses with up-to-date data and a modern syllabus.

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Exploring a vast range of concepts from the comfort of your home study space, you’ll enjoy learning at your own pace. From Business, Marketing, Management and HR courses, to the Diploma in Business, Bachelor of Organisational Leadership and Master of Business Administration, you’ll find it all at UNE!

Every online course connects you to a community of distance learners. Engagement is key to your personal and professional growth, so you’ll gain prime access to your peers through UNE’s online learning management system, Moodle, where chat rooms and discussion boards are promoted.

Science made simple

Instead of running to your next lecture on the Armidale campus or rushing to keep up with group study meetings, the University of New England makes the study of science simple.

With a Diploma in Science, a Bachelor of Scientific Studies and a collaborative option of Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Laws, there’s plenty here to choose from. Through a multifunctional approach, UNE combines technical factors and frameworks to deliver the ultimate online study experience.

Another incredible benefit of online learning at UNE takes the form of intensive schools. The Diploma in Science course, for example, contains mandatory intensive sessions that enable you to participate in practice classes on-campus in Armidale, each one designed to achieve specific learning outcomes. This is an enriching process, allowing you to effectively build your networks and join sessions that are packed with unique knowledge.

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Agriculture at a distance

Despite the field of Agriculture requiring your full attention, you don’t need to commit yourself to a rigid study structure to receive lifelong skills. Instead, you can learn about the subject from even the greatest physical distance.

For those excited about furthering knowledge in environmental and rural science, you can now opt for a part-time Graduate Certificate in Agriculture online course or the Master of Environmental Science and Management scheme.

Plus, with 24/7 online tutor support, you’ll have the freedom to upload your assignments and get feedback in less than a day. So, if you need extra assistance with your academic literacy or research angles, UNE tutors are always on-hand.

Law without limits

Globally-known as a popular area to examine, Law is a subject that constantly defies boundaries and challenges outdated expectations.

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At the UNE School of Law, you get to learn without limits. With a varied selection of undergraduate and postgraduate qualifications, you can swerve your interests towards a Diploma in Paralegal Studies, an  Advanced Diploma in Paralegal Studies, a Bachelor of Legal Studies or for those wishing to take a pathway to practice law, the Bachelor of Laws (either 3 or 4 years) will set you on your journey. Otherwise, dip in before your or even after your Bachelor with a Diploma in Prosecution and Advocacy.

Additionally, UNE online courses provide you with specialised student services such as individual counselling and career development. By signing up for the available support, you’ll also gain access to a multitude of opportunities.

Whether it’s law, business, science, agriculture or something else you wish to study remotely, one thing here is certain: with the online guidance and expertise of UNE, you’ll master your modules and confidently adapt to a rapidly changing world.

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