Benefits of Managed Online Programs at the University of New Mexico

When it comes to traditional class-based degrees, there are plenty of excuses you can spout as to why you shouldn’t do it. I have too many other commitments; the cost is just too much; or even I’m already moving toward my dream career – why waste precious time and money?

But with first-class institutions such as The University of New Mexico (UNM) offering high-end online degrees, excuses that can be justified are few and far between. As programs that are flexible, affordable and globally recognized, UNM’s online graduates leave prepped for real-world success.

“UNM has a long history of offering distance learning courses and programs affording many individuals the option to attend college,” says Debby Knotts, Executive Director of Extended Learning at UNM. “Our online courses are taught by many of the same faculty who teach our on-campus courses, providing the same quality education one would receive on-site.”

UNM’s Managed Online Programs are a unique alternative to the traditional classroom route. Composed of a series of courses presented in a seven- or eight-week format, these compressed yet comprehensive offerings still reward a full degree. Here, course duration is scheduled within the university’s existing term timetable (Fall 1H, Fall 2H, Spring 1H, Spring 2H, and Summer) and are put together in a way that maximizes quality while minimizing time, generally taking between 12 and 18 months to complete depending on the program and completion requirements.

Another advantage lies in the programs’ rolling admissions, giving prospective students the chance to apply and start courses multiple times throughout the year. It’s fluid and adaptable, significantly boosting career prospects with minimal stress and disruption. These programs which are available to everyone, consistently attract a pool of student applicants who have never previously considered UNM as an international study location.

In addition to rapid coursework progression, Managed Online Program cohorts are charged a standard flat tuition rate per credit hour, regardless of where they reside. This means you can be in-state, out-of-state, or even an international student living outside of the US and still pay the same price.

UNM’s Master of Science in Computer Engineering – Internet of Things (IoT) was specifically-designed to support the fast-growing, global computer industry. Offered as part of the Managed Online portfolio, this program provides an extensive foundation in all things related to IoT. Graduates gain fluency in foundational concepts related to computing, embedded systems, networking and data science. Additional modules feed off these ideas, encompassing diverse topics surrounding cloud computing, web applications and distributed systems.

Next up is UNM’s Master of Construction Management (MCM); a detailed program aimed at potential leaders of the construction industry. Whether your experience lies in the residential, commercial, industrial highway or heavy construction realm – this program instils the tools needed to thrive as you advance through the professional world.

The final postgraduate Managed Online Program provided by UNM is the Master of Arts in Organization, Information & Learning Sciences (OILS). Suited to a diverse range of industries – including the private sector, non-profits, healthcare, government agencies and military services – this course is known for being dynamic and widely applicable. The Learning Officer concentration is a chance for participants to swiftly gain an edge in a competitive employment market. Students apply learned knowledge in fast-evolving real-world contexts, refining the tools and processes that make education relevant, timely and engaging within the modern workplace.

“To meet the demands of the working adults, UNM’s Managed Online Programs were launched,” Knotts explains. “These programs…[provide] an opportunity for the working adult to manage work, life and their graduate education,” she adds. “Our graduate programs provide a flexible learning alternative for those desiring to pursue a graduate degree no matter where the individual lives.”

And as a globally-connected education provider equipped with the latest technologies and unrivalled student opportunities, your entire UNM extended learning experience will enrich every aspect of life. Nestled on an 800-acre campus near the iconic Route 66, UNM is the heart and soul of Albuquerque, on top of being New Mexico’s flagship institution. This incredible setting is where students past and present, online and campus-based, have redefined their future, with 1,500 non-native students calling it their home. It is an institution intent on finding answers and creating new jobs, and remains wholeheartedly committed to improving the lives of people everywhere.

“We are a community of unique perspectives embracing our differences,” the UNM Viewbook states. “We are a culture of contrast rather than a contrast of cultures, unafraid to let our colors run and blend and let the very things that divide us become the things that connect us to each other. So we can create, collect and spread knowledge – about everything from nuclear engineering and fine art to enzymatic fuel cells, revolutionary medicine and forensic accounting,” it concludes. “What makes us different makes us strong – and a force to be reckoned with.”

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