Oxford and Cambridge scholarships for international students

uk scholarships for international students
Here are some UK scholarships for international students applying to Oxbridge unis to look out for. Source: Adrian Dennis / AFP

If you’re in the midst of applying to study overseas, consider these UK scholarships for international students — even the Oxbridge institutions. Composed of the University of Oxford and the University of Cambridge, Oxbridge refers to the two oldest and most well-regarded higher education institutions in the UK. 

Their long standing reputation and prestige also mean that graduates from both universities are often highly sought-after by employers and academics alike — making an education at such institutions attractive to most international students. 

Now, it’s no secret that getting an offer from an Oxbridge university is hard. The University of Oxford typically has a 17% acceptance rate, with Cambridge a little higher at 21%. 

These rates are higher than some Ivy League universities such as Harvard and Columbia — which typically only accept around 5% of their applicants. Still, the Oxbridge universities practise a thorough screening process for its applicants, meaning you’d have to pass multiple rounds of tasks and interviews before you’re granted an offer.

Oxford and Cambridge scholarships for international students

The University of Cambridge is one of the most well-respected and oldest universities in the UK. Source: Adrian Dennis/AFP

UK scholarships for international students: I’ve gotten an offer from an Oxbridge uni. Now what?

Got an offer? Congratulations! That’s an incredible achievement in itself. Now comes the next step: figuring how to finance your education. 

Both the University of Oxford and the University of Cambridge are notorious for being some of the most expensive institutions in the UK. At Oxford, international students typically pay between 28,950 and 44,240 British pounds annually. Cambridge has a higher bracket: course fees start at £23,340 and can go up to £60,942 for medical students. 

Unless you’re able to fully fund yourself, this means that you’ll likely have to seek out alternative ways of paying for your degree. Most of the time, this could take the form of loans or bursaries from your local government. However, the Oxbridge institutions sometimes offer their own scholarships to a lucky few students, as well. 

Here’s a look into the range of UK scholarships for international students applying to Oxbridge unis:

The University of Oxford

Hill Foundation Scholarships

The Hill Foundation offers scholarships to fund high-achieving Russian students. There is no restriction to the field of study, meaning that Russian students will be able to pursue programmes in a wide range of subjects. However, applicants must prove that they have previously completed a degree at a Russian university to qualify. 

On top of this, they will be required to return to Russia for at least one year following the completion of their studies at Oxford. 

The Bright Oceans Corporation Scholarship

Created for students from China, the Bright Oceans Corporation Scholarship was formed to fund promising undergraduate students with exceptional academic merit. Specifically, this scholarship is reserved to fund students pursuing a course in the mathematical, physical, and life sciences division. 

These UK scholarships for international students will cover three to four years of course fees on top of living expenses. Scholarships are awarded based on a student’s financial need and academic merit, so students should be able to prove this in their application. 

The Palgrave Brown Scholarship

Established by the Palgrave Brown Bursary Fund, the Palgrave Brown Scholarship is geared towards funding undergraduates from a select few Eastern European countries. Offer holders from all subjects in the course listing can qualify for the scholarship. 

This is a partial award with an annual grant of at least £13,365 towards living costs. Scholarships will be awarded according to financial need and academic merit. For the full list of eligibility criteria, have a look at this page

Employers and academics alike often seek out graduates from Oxford and Cambridge. Source: Justin Tallis/AFP

The University of Cambridge

The Cambridge Trust Scholarships

The Cambridge Trust Scholarships refer to a range of funds and grants to offer holders from the University of Cambridge. Most of these are geared towards local students, but there are a range of UK scholarships for international students, too. 

It’s essential to note that the Cambridge International Scholarships are reserved for PhD students. In this, students receive full financial support, and the scholarship will cover the University Composition Fee and a maintenance allowance for a single person. 

The application window for the Cambridge International Scholarships are between 1 Dec., 2022 to 5 Jan., 2023. For more information on application and funding deadlines, click here