TWU: Transforming your academic aspirations into reality
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TWU: Transforming your academic aspirations into reality

Canada’s Trinity Western University (TWU) is known for making a transformational impact on student lives.

Driven to develop “godly Christian leaders,” the institution instils a strong sense of faith and togetherness within the hearts of learners. You’ll continue to be treated as an integral member of the TWU family for your lifetime and will fit comfortably into the school’s popular annual alumni events.

Unlike universities that see students as little more than just a number, Trinity Western treats applicants, learners and graduates as unique individuals. Instead of expecting you to figure out your first days on your own, the school offers valuable transition programs and orientation days to guide you through the journey.

It’s TWU’s personalized touch and inclusive community life that truly makes the difference.

Life-changing chapters

Featured in the Trinity Western Magazine’s “Campus Chronicle,” Ivy Chen embarked on a life-changing journey when she chose to leave China to pursue a BA in Leadership at TWU.

Source: Trinity Western University

Growing up without the guidance of God, Ivy was drawn to Trinity Western by the inspirational tales of former students and the university’s renowned reputation. As soon as she crossed over to Canada, she knew she’d made the right choice.

“After I became a Christian, I found the beauty of difference,” she says. “We may be different, but that’s what’s beautiful. What I love about Trinity Western is that it’s a great university and it’s not just about education, it’s about life.”

International students are pleased to discover a diverse and supportive learning community at TWU. The university welcomes everyone to its safe and secure campus and serves the international student community through engaging and exciting cultural initiatives. Many are proud to have found their second home here.

As one of Canada’s Top 5 Universities for Academic Counselling, it’s no surprise that students trust TWU with their career prospects and personal development.

With a Wellness Centre dedicated to your welfare and a supportive counselling service, the university is prepared to help you navigate difficult challenges and maximize your enjoyment.

Source: Trinity Western University

To complement the multiple mentorship schemes on offer, the university also reaches out to you through the process of Discipleship. So, if you wish to share and express your devotion to God with your peers, you can join small group meetings and intentionally engage with fellow students.

Trinity Western transformations in action

Another BA Leadership student who found herself captivated by the culture of the university is Cecilia Zhang.

For Cecilia, Trinity Western was truly transformative. With the expertise of experienced staff and fellow colleagues, she was able to excel both in and beyond the classroom.

“After I came here, I totally changed my mind about Christians,” says Zhang. “I was shocked by the environment. Everyone was so caring and willing to help.”

Surprised by the university’s warm and inviting nature, Zhang quickly found herself surrounded by positive and understanding people. Before her arrival, she felt lonely and desired a degree that would not only cater to her career prospects, but also to her need for direction.

Source: Trinity Western University

That’s why regular visits to Chapel became habitual for her. From spiritual refreshment opportunities at Sunday Night Live to the Praise Chapel gatherings on Fridays, there were numerous ways for Cecilia to worship with others at Trinity Western.

It’s evident that the effects of community life and high-standard academics last forever. Trinity Western prepares you for success by integrating first-class education with strong community on a solid foundation of faith.

As Zhang explains, “After TWU, I’m more joyful and peaceful. I’m not so worried about stuff anymore and I just try to know God better and serve Him. There are so many opportunities at TWU for students and for alumni.”

She adds, “If we connect together, we can thrive together.”

Transitioning from dreams to reality

If you’re wondering if it’s possible to transform your academic aspirations into reality at TWU, you should consider Iain Cook’s story.

Starting off with his degree in Corporate Communication, he chose to take what he had learned from his time at Trinity Western and channel it into his passion for music. With a new set of composing skills and a desire to get himself noticed on the Hollywood scene, Cook was a student who dared to dream.

Source: Trinity Western University

Guided by his “…amazing professor, Jef Gibbons,” who coached him in his writing, Cook managed to secure a job with Remote Control Productions (famed film composer Hans Zimmer’s production company).

As he clarifies, “It was really cool to meet Hans Zimmer and other world-class composers. I was working for people and on projects at basically the pinnacle of the music-for-media world.

“I really believe the Holy Spirit is key to transforming communities and people’s lives for the better. One of the things I loved most about Trinity Western was the community,” Cook adds.

That’s what’s incredible about Canada’s world-class Trinity Western University; no matter who you are or where you’re from, your faith will grow as you discover your true purpose.

By bringing you so much closer to achieving your ultimate goals and inner ambitions, TWU will have a lasting and transformational impact on your life.

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