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TWU: A Transformative University Experience in Canada

For international students looking for a diverse study experience in Canada, Trinity Western University (TWU) is a place where faith and community collide.

With so much to offer, Canada’s international student enrolment increased by a whopping 154 percent from 2010 to 2018, according to the Canadian Bureau for International Students.

Given the double-digit enrolment growth reported by ICEF Monitor, Canadians can be proud of the continually rising number of foreign students who choose to study in Canada.

One key driver may be the golden prospects the country holds for graduates.

As Y-Axis outlines, “Research by Statistics Canada shows that Canada is in immense need of immigrants due to its aging population and low birth rate. The research also shows that international students have better chances of success in the Canadian labour market.

“Most international students are young, well-educated, have Canadian work experience, and are proficient in either English or French. Half of all the international students in Canada look forward to settling down in the country eventually.”

Another factor could be Canada’s consistently high standard of education across the Canadian higher education landscape. TWU, for example, has received seven consecutive A+ rankings for Quality of Teaching and Learning, as well as three Canada Research Chairs and over a dozen national championship winning titles in U Sports.

university experience

Source: Trinity Western University

Striving for excellence in university education, TWU promotes academic and intellectual excellence, integrating these with high standards of personal, moral, and spiritual integrity. TWU strives to develop not only successful graduates but also future leaders who will impact society in a positive way.

Where Transformation Occurs

A transformative experience for all, university life at Trinity Western University unites a welcoming campus in Canada with a safe and caring student community.

Through the virtual tour, you’ll notice how campus locations are spread across over 5,000 kilometres from Langley (BC), Richmond (BC), and Bellingham (WA), to Ottawa (ON). At 64 hectares (157 acres), the Langley campus is the largest.

Located near historic Fort Langley, bordered by farmland and mountains, and just 10 minutes from Langley City Centre, the Langley campus provides the perfect environment for staying active while focusing on your studies or seeking industry connections. With full dormitories and campus amenities, Langley is the perfect choice for students who want to live and learn alongside students from around the world.

The newest campus location, TWU Richmond, provides programs that are tailored to the urban and international audience in Richmond and Metro Vancouver. Focused on leadership and business, TWU Richmond is a great place to start a new life in Canada.

university experience

Source: Trinity Western University

Regardless of which campus you choose at the largest Christian university in Canada, TWU is home to a vibrant student population representing some 40 nations, so you’ll always have a platform to connect with other learners and experience varied worldviews and international cultures.

For international learners, TWU has a U1 program that provides a first year of adjustment and acculturative support for students, with a small network of learning coaches, advisers, and tutors who help students get used to the Canadian learning environment. Allowing students to begin university with a 6.0 IELTS, this program creates a seamless transition for students to enter university and then continue into their second year of studies with no loss of time or additional cost. From this starting point, international learners can continue into most of TWU’s 47 undergraduate degree programs.

For those looking to transfer into the Canadian learning environment, TWU has a popular International Degree completion program that provides opportunities for international learners to bring two years of education from their home country into their completion of a BA in Leadership in only 16 months of continuous study.

For students looking for master’s degree programs, TWU has many options—including its MBA program in International Business, the MA in Leadership program, the MA in Counselling Psychology, and Master of Science in Nursing.

Valuing Time and Talent 

A university that values your study time, academic talents, and aspirations, TWU is where many international learners land for career opportunities in Canada.

university experience

Source: Trinity Western University

With a wide range of undergraduategraduate, and adult degree completion programs, the university propels students’ professional progression and inspires them to make a positive impact in the lives of others.

“TWU taught me the gift and necessity of serving in every area of life,” TWU graduate Joshua notes.

Benefiting from the strategic placements of campuses and studying in Canada, TWU students also make the most of their time at university through Global Outreach projects.

“In Global Projects we desire to do short-term missions for long-term transformation. We do this by equipping students to lead and participate in life-transforming short-term trips and by connecting them to local and global opportunities,” says TWU.

Here, students don’t just get the best study experiences in Canada; they also get the most rewarding experiences through diverse, global community work.

Take the Next Step With TWU

“From professional skills to spiritual disciplines and relational tools, I can say with certainty that this place has changed my life,” says TWU graduate Daniela.

university experience

Source: Trinity Western University

A full member of Universities Canada, recognized by the US Department of Education and a long-standing member of the Council for Christian Colleges and Universities, TWU has close to 30,000 alumni all around the world.

Committed to inspiring both hearts and minds, the university provides career and professional development, enabling you to explore personal, educational, and career options through internships.

Paired with proactive mentor programs where you’ll receive the support of successful alumni who have established themselves in their careers, you’ll discover the best direction to take after university with the help of the user-friendly Career Connect portal.

Plus, TWU’s student support services are always there to guide you on immigration policies, the benefits you can receive after graduation in Canada, and what job opportunities await upon completion of your studies.

So, if you want to stay in Canada after completing your degree or want to surge straight into a new pathway beyond campus, taking the next step with Trinity Western University couldn’t be easier.

Find out how you can start your transformative study experience at TWU today.

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