Two schools, two exceptional learning environments
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Two schools, two exceptional learning environments

A high-quality education is more important than ever for today’s generation — especially in guaranteeing a successful future ahead. Many of the top universities in the world require a stellar academic record alongside demonstrable leadership experiences in extra-curricular activities, for example.

At the same time, it’s unquestionable that developing young minds need to be in nurturing, supportive environments that encourage them to discover their interests and sense of individuality. This comes through experience and exposure to different activities and mindsets and has a wealth of benefits. In fact, research shows that such experiences lead to the adoption of new skills, prosocial behaviour, empathy and individual well-being.

A school that balances both in a healthy way is rare. Enter The Dubai British Schools. Composed of two branches — one in Emirates Hills and the other in Jumeirah Park — these embody the best of an all-rounded education for young, growing minds. They do so by creating a comprehensive curriculum that encourages students to reach their full potential — as academics and individuals.

Dubai British School Emirates Hills

The Dubai British Schools

Dubai British School Emirates Hills is setting the standard for positive education.
Source: The Dubai British School Emirates Hills

A warm, happy and nurturing environment — this defines the Dubai British School Emirates Hills. Here, over a thousand students aged between 3 to 18 gather on a campus that melds excellent academic standards with a community that truly cares for and lifts each other up.

Positive education is at the heart of an Emirates Hills experience. As such, every part of life and learning at the school is tailored to encourage and ensure high levels of emotional, behavioural and social well-being. Leadership opportunities, such as the student council and acting as house captains and prefects, are just one example. The myriad of out-of-classroom activities — from earning house points to taking part in the Duke of Edinburgh award — are another.

That’s not to distract from Emirates Hills’ outstanding academic results. Last year, 100% of all students passed their A-Levels; 88% received a distinction for their BTEC exams, and the school’s average point score was a clear 44.0. It’s a feat that has been nationally recognised, with Emirates Hills being rated fourth in Dubai for an A-Level and BTEC education.

The Dubai British Schools

Here, students learn through experience.
Source: The Dubai British School Emirates Hills

It’s an approach that’s wholly influenced by Emirates Hills’ vision statement: to ensure students “Enjoy, Aspire and Achieve.” The school’s guiding statement is no less important — where students are “feeling good, doing good.” The result? A community of students who are confident in their capabilities as well as trained to positively influence each other — which naturally helps them flourish as individuals.

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Dubai British School Jumeirah Park

The Dubai British Schools

Dubai British School Jumeirah Park encourages every student to discover their interests and passions.
Source: The Dubai British School Jumeirah Park

As a leading British school in the city, Dubai British School Jumeirah Park is an educational powerhouse for growing boys and girls. Here, children are motivated to chase their own goals and interests from the moment they step foot into the school’s halls. They do so with aim and precision, determined to grow into the best version of themselves by the time they’re set to leave for university.

It’s a response that’s completely intentional — one born out of the carefully-planned facilities and resources on offer at Jumeirah Park. For example, secondary students have a suite of science laboratories, art, dance and drama studios, Design Technology Suites, Music and Recording spaces, a radio studio, a purpose built 550-seat theatre and much more. It’s an ideal learning environment that allows students to pursue anything and everything — opening up an abundance of opportunities for self-discovery.

Of course, Jumeirah Park also maintains the highest of academic standards. In Sixth Form, students can choose between the A-Level and BTEC examinations, depending on their needs and capabilities. They produce exceptional results. The Class of 2022 achieved an overall 100% pass rate, with 71% of A-Level students achieving A* to B grades. Meanwhile, 100% of BTEC students were graded with a merit, with 77% reaching distinction and distinction*.

The Dubai British Schools

Dubai British School Jumeirah Park has world-class facilities for students to pursue their passions.
Source: Dubai British School Jumeirah Park

Outside the classroom, there are countless other ventures to develop a student physically, creatively and socially. Over 160 extra-curricular activities are on offer here, each with their own individual thrills. From robotics and chess to trampolining, horse riding and parkour, students have the chance to pursue whatever they want.

What comes out of this is a group of students who are able to enjoy their schooling experience, having gained exposure to a multitude of different crafts and ventures. This only ensures that by the time they graduate, they have high aspirations of what they want to achieve in life — and have the skills and versatility to chase their dreams, whatever they are.

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