In Tweets: What people say about Labour's plan to axe tuition fees
Labour is said to have released a manifesto for UK's youth. Source: Reuters/Darren Staples.

Last week, the UK Labour Party’s leaked manifesto revealed the party’s plan to completely scrap tuition fees at all universities.

According to Buzzfeed, Labour will abolish the current £9,000 (US$11,630) university fees and bring back maintenance grants for university students.

UK students have been seeing their access to education increasingly blocked in recent years; last year, maintenance grants for lower income students were scrapped and the government announced tuition fees would be hiked to £9,250 (US$11,954) per year from autumn 2017.

By contrast, Labour’s plans for the higher education sector portray a radical antithesis to the Conservative government’s actions.

But how has it been received by the public?

Here are some notable thoughts on the debate expressed on Twitter:

1. Labour = Party for young people

2. Labour = Not the party for young people

3. It’s not about young people, it’s just the right thing to do.

4. But some don’t believe it can be done

5. Academics say it is the only way to save social mobility

6. Some are less generous – If I had it tough, so should you

7. Maybe the middle ground would be better?

8. A comparison to the Tories was inevitable

9. As well as some reminders on important history (Labour’s flip-flop, Corbyn’s [lack of] flip-flop)

10. Regardless, it is hard to deny the proposal’s popularity

Watch this space as we follow the general election and see what the future holds for students in the UK!

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