TSE: World-class education tackling key economic and social issues
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TSE: World-class education tackling key economic and social issues

When students choose to study economics at university, they are opting for a subject that helps them understand the world better.

With every lesson, they strengthen their understanding of people, businesses, markets and governments. In the process, they evolve to become future experts able to respond to threats and opportunities faster and better.

The world is currently facing an economic pandemic due to the outbreak of the novel coronavirus across the globe. Elsewhere, there are bushfires to put out, rising inequality, increasingly ageing populations, rapid urbanisation and so forth – all these while the world is still recovering from the 2008 financial crisis and Great Recession.

In 2011, then International Monetary Fund’s chief economist Olivier Blanchard said in a conference: “We have entered a brave new world.”

“The economic crisis has put into question many of our beliefs. We have to accept the intellectual challenge.”

Preparing aspiring economists for this new and rapidly evolving global reality is the Toulouse School of Economics (TSE).

Where economics education acts as a force for good in the world

TSE offers world-class, multidisciplinary undergraduate, Master’s, PhD and Executive Education programmes.

Michael Tallent is a student in its international Master’s of Economics programme, which is fully taught in English. In the first year, students undergo rigorous training in the major fields of economics to enhance their knowledge and help them select the appropriate specialisation in the following year. In the second year, students can choose to specialise in various fields in line with their career plans.

Michael was also able to take on an extra maths course as well as environmental economics and development economics.

“The lecturers are great too,” he says, “and we have lots of hours which allows you to go into more depth in certain subjects than I would have done before.”

As Michael points out, TSE employs top-tier teachers who partake in regular academic debates and impactful research projects.

And with their support, Michael feels motivated to use his degree to help improve people’s lives in the future.

The School’s location is also a leading advantage for Michael.

“Toulouse is a great place to study. It is full of young people. It is a really beautiful city to be in and I have got a big group of international friends, so I am definitely glad I came here,” he says.

Where students evolve into exemplary economists

For Maria Arenas, TSE not only supplied her with an unforgettable study experience in Toulouse, but also helped land her a job with transport giant FedEx.

After graduating from the School with a Master 2 Economics of Markets and Organisations degree, Maria’s education led her to a dynamic role in forecasting with FedEx. This later  transitioned to a strategy role, given her efforts in helping the company grow.

Toulouse School of Economics

Source: TSE

Her daily duties vary from providing insights about the trajectory of growth initiatives to empowering teams to achieve targets to making an impact on the company’s overall future in the region.  

”My job at FedEx nowadays is all about creative problem-solving for the challenges of the 21st century.

“I analyse market trends and dynamics in order to identify strengths and weaknesses that reveal our competitive positioning, sizing potential revenue opportunities based on it, and I prioritise developments and needs found on where the biggest business impact sits,” she says.

As she had gained strategic and modelling skills at TSE, Maria is now able to better understand the complex markets FedEx is in.

The “Four Cs” she learned at TSE now guides her in analysing the Customer, the Competition, the Costs and the Company itself. 

”I feel lucky to have taken these modelling and strategic courses at TSE since they enable the development and implementation of internal strategy at my current jos,” said Maria.

“Actually, I believe that’s part of the reason why I landed a job at FedEx, because TSE students benefit from acquiring employable skills and knowledge that not many people on the labour market have.”

Where professional development empowers graduates

Maria also recommends TSE students to take the Professional Development course while pursuing their economic studies.

“The professional development course at TSE adds a lot of value to our resume,” she said.

“TSE understands that we are in an era where soft skills can have as much value as hard skills, so their high-quality professional development lessons help students to sell their expertise in today’s competitive job market,” she added.


During the course, coaches are on-hand to help students reach their full potential.

From Maria’s experience, her professional development coaches were always available for additional guidance and motivation.

“They encourage you to reach the stars and not to settle for less than the best of your capabilities!”

And as the Dean of TSE Stéphane Gregoir would attest, TSE prides itself on the calibre of its professors. These leading academics introduce students to transformative techniques, immerse students in topical discussions, and introduce them to important societal challenges.

“This will then help them to succeed at their roles within companies for the coming years and enable them to advise businesses about the current state of economics,” he says.

So if you want to learn from top-quality faculty at TSE, or how to use your degree for the greater good, click here to discover a programme that suits your interests best.

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