Trinity Western University: The importance of a safe and supportive study environment
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Trinity Western University: The importance of a safe and supportive study environment

Rankings, reputation and program portfolio are important factors to consider when deciding where to further your education, but are not the be-all and end-all of criteria students use when choosing a university. In fact, a 2014 survey reports that safety and a country’s attitude to international students are among the top priorities when selecting a study abroad destination.

After the results of the 2016 U.S. Presidential Election, a report by the BBC shows that Canadian universities have seen a rise in applications from U.S. students, with some attributing it to the increasing fears around a Trump Presidency. But whether or not the election caused a boost in the nation’s university applications is beside the point, because let’s be honest, who wouldn’t want to live and study in this beautiful country?

Ranked the eighth safest country in the world and the first for quality of life, Canada boasts lush greenery, stunning natural landscapes, and modern, vibrant cities—it’s no wonder the country is such a popular travel and study destination. Plus, Canada is home to diverse and welcoming communities, making it an incredibly attractive choice for prospective students around the globe. And when it comes to sweet hospitality, no one does it better than Trinity Western University (TWU).

Located in Langley, British Columbia, the University has been ranked as the best in Canada for its ”Enriching Educational Experience”. Here, students enjoy a world-class education in one of the safest and most beautiful places in the world. Students are warmly welcomed into the campus community, which is a diverse blend of local, U.S. and international scholars. TWU is one of North America’s premier Christian liberal arts universities. Here, you’re guaranteed to receive a “whole-person” education that inspires both heart and mind.

“It is a Christian university, with a mission and core values that reflect a high calling that engages the heart and soul, not just the head,” says Bob Kuhn, J.D., President of Trinity Western University.

A supportive environment for international students

It’s tough moving to a new country to further your education but it can also be the start of something wonderful. At Trinity Western University (TWU), the institution makes it easy for international students to meet one another and also meet locals by hosting cultural events through a student body that represents more than 45 countries.

International Student Programs (ISP) provide ongoing support as new students transition to life and school in Canada. For both residents on campus or those who live in a homestay, the ISP acts as a bridge between North American and international students, and increases campus awareness of cultural diversity by advocating for fairness where differences and tensions may arise.   The Globe and CSSA events also provides opportunities for international and North American students to engage each other socially.

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Academically, TWU provides opportunities for international students to improve their English through ESL studies, to become more familiar with life and learning in Canada through the University First Year program (U1), and to transfer 2-3 years of international credits to complete a degree in 2 years through the international degree completion program.

For those who are a little shy, the University also has a well-established Friendship Partner program to provide international and North American students with the opportunity to develop a meaningful, lasting friendship. Besides that, there are many events, both formal or informal, which provide the chance for a cross-cultural exchange and increase global awareness on-campus.

International students also have the choice to study in 45 undergraduate or 18 graduate degree programs at main campus in the picturesque community of Langley, or to study in a more limited number of programs in the city through TWU Richmond, near the airport, Skytrain, and world class amenities of Vancouver.

Safe location in a stable country

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It goes without saying that safety is a big factor when it comes to studying abroad, hence the reason why Trinity Western students can rest easy knowing their study destination is secure. “TWU is recognized for a safe campus with a strong residence and student community component,” says Philip G. Laird, Ph.D, Vice Provost of the University. On-campus staff ensure all students are assigned a safe home through its strict safety guidelines, taking all possible measures to make student life on-campus both smooth and enjoyable.

Giving back to the community

The University, which is known for its transformative education, does much more than provide students with high-quality degrees. Staff believe in teaching holistic and inspiring academics, which is why TWU has a strong community outreach that encourages students to take on student government positions, global projects, or be a part of a local outreach team helping needy people in Vancouver and surrounding communities. Besides making life-long friends, you’ll develop valuable skills such as leadership, teamwork and communication—skills employers look for in potential candidates.

What sets Trinity Western apart from other universities is the strong sense of community it instills in its students. Not only will Trinity Western be your home for the next four years, its staff and students will feel like your second family. And not to mention, the safe and caring environment makes it so much easier to focus on your higher education. If there’s an academy worth checking out, it has to be Trinity Western University.

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