Trinity Western University: Helping students impact the world
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Trinity Western University: Helping students impact the world

“Post-graduation is not about leaving behind the variety of student life and embracing the cold, singular-focused “real-world”, but instead about tying together the blessings of community, of learning, and of work into a way of life. The opportunities Trinity provided me foreshadowed the choices I have made, choices to embrace life in all its complexity and apparent fragmentation.” – Liana Esau, Trinity Western University, Class of 2015

Located just 45-minutes from the mountains, city and oceans of Vancouver is Trinity Western University (TWU), a Christ-centered, accredited institution set downtown of Canada’s third most populous city.

With a population of around 130,000, Langley, the home of TWU, is a relatively small municipality of the Vancouver Regional District, yet its character and unique charm attracts a wealth of annual visitors. From historic heritage sites, to quirky museums, horseback tours, to boutique and big-box shopping, the ‘Birthplace of British Columbia’ is a treasure trove of unique appeal. Known to be a safe and quiet city with an inclusive community vibe, it’s hardly surprising that 4,000 aspiring students – 13 percent of whom derive from overseas – choose a Trinity Western education over global competition.

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“TWU is recognized for a safe campus with a strong residence and student community component,” says Philip G. Laird, PhD, Vice Provost of the university. “International students are integrated into learning and campus life with fellow Canadian and American students,” he says. “This provides lifelong relationships and opportunities for business collaborations between international and North American students.”

Ambitious international scholars can be found at every level of TWU’s esteemed academic culture. Through a broad range of specialized professional, business, arts, and science programs, on top of a variety of graduate degrees and comprehensive English as a Second Language (ESL) programs, non-native students contribute to on-campus diversity, enriching every facet of fellow students’ education.

“TWU has a strong global presence, with students from over 30 countries studying at our university, [as well as] over 40 MOUs (Memorandum of Understanding) with institutions, governments, and universities around the world, and with over 50 percent of our students traveling abroad for a portion of their study sometime within their undergraduate program,” Dr Laird adds.

As Canada’s premier Christian university, TWU is driven by a mission to produce “Godly Christian leaders”, spurred by a goal to develop and inspire student hearts and minds. After gaining an A+ ranking in its annual Quality of Education metrics for seven consecutive years, the university is known to produce an education of global worth and relevance, changing the lives of determined students through a Christ-centered approach to education.

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With nine schools and faculties spanning from Humanities and Social Sciences, to Human Kinetics, Business, and beyond, TWU helps shape the future of students hoping to successfully enter their respective global sector. With an unparalleled support system from the likes of the Academic Advising Office, the Career Development Office, and committed members of faculty, as well as teaching delivered by experienced professionals who break ground in their fields, TWU students have access to everything needed in order to truly shine.

“A strong mix of engaged faculty who teach small classes, get to know learners individually, and provide experiential learning opportunities in businesses and organizations, as well as a range of unique chances to study abroad, sets TWU apart from other universities in the region,” continues Dr Laird. “Every member of faculty cares deeply about the success of each student, preparing to spend time with international learners to help them adjust to the TWU environment.”

Whether you choose to reside on- or off-campus, there’s a heap of ways to delve into buzzing student life at Trinity Western. One area in which the university truly excels is its rich athletic program; from basketball to football, soccer to track and field, to virtually any other sport you can imagine, TWU encourages students to strive for personal challenge, and nurtures healthy sportsmanship among all active participants.

“Our Championship Athletics programs have been chosen to represent TWU on the Global scene in order to use sport as a way of connecting people around the world,” Dr Laird explains, referencing the university’s participation in five Goodwill Tours in China over the past six years.

The 2017 Goodwill Tour, for example, is part of TWU’s initiative to exchange culture through sport, as well to ignite a deeper connection between Canadian and Chinese athletes. Given the rising popularity of competitive sports in China, which follows confirmation of the 2022 Winter Olympic games being held in Beijing, the tour gives TWU the chance to show real-world value and well-known quality in an invaluable, tangible way.

Over the past five years, the university has signed numerous agreements with key universities in China and the world; as a result, the institution has a hand in developing new Foundation Programs for global learners, as well as the Great Wall International MBA Program in Tianjin, the BA Leadership International Degree Completion Program, the Master of Arts in Leadership Program for Business Leaders – delivered in Mandarin, and even the Wuhan Government Visiting Teachers Program to benefit all involved.

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Next year’s tour seeks to expand on existing connections, as the university brings its 2016 silver-winning Men’s Hockey Team to compete in Chengde and Beijing. This unforgettable event will culminate in a celebration on January 8, 2017, at Tianjin Foreign Studies University, a specialist language and cultural studies university with whom TWU signed its first agreement back in 1991. Not only is this sort of opportunity, which seems to be offered in abundance at TWU, once-in-a-lifetime and transformative, it also inspires students to push for their best as they nurture new-found cultural awareness – something that will prove invaluable when they step out of the classroom.

Ultimately, TWU provides so much more than just a world-class academic experience; it offers an innovative, multicultural community on the cusp of one of Canada’s bustling big-City hubs. Through outstanding experiential learning activities, students are taught the value of integrity, courage, communication, and support, and how to transfer these skills to a real-world setting where they remain sought-after, and devoted to positive change.

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