Torrens University: Amplify your academic talent in Australia
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Torrens University: Amplify your academic talent in Australia

With inclusive campuses that span Sydney, Leura, Adelaide, Melbourne, Brisbane and Auckland, as well as a range of online courses that cater to remote learners, Torrens University Australia helps students amplify their talent anywhere, at any time.

Introducing today’s generation to a fresh, modern, career-focused approach to higher education, students leave Torrens with a globally-oriented skillset and an impressive portfolio to ensure they are work ready come graduation.

Change the course of Monday

As stated on the institution’s academic selection page, “Torrens University Australia courses are designed to place passionate people into careers that they love. Our hand-picked educators, small class sizes and success coaches will help you thrive in your chosen field and ensure that you always look forward to Monday.”

With courses in Business, Design, Education, English, Health, Higher degrees by research, Hospitality, Project management, Sports management and Technology, there’s a multitude of undergraduate and postgraduate degrees.

Source: Torrens University

If you prefer online studies, Torrens grants the ultimate flexibility and on-demand access, letting you learn when and where you want within a structured 12-week trimester and tailoring the programme to suit your lifestyle. You can also choose to study full- or part-time, depending on your availability and ambitions.

As student, Steven Sengstock, explains: “Torrens presented itself as an institution 100% committed to higher learning that could be applied directly and meaningfully in the workplace. Now that I’m a year into my Master course, I haven’t been disappointed. Almost every single reading and conversation has generated a new and exciting initiative for me to launch at work.”

Live alongside a collaborative campus community

As you can see from the vast collection of Torrens campuses in Australia, learning environments here seek to unite students through some of the world’s most prestigious schools in business, design, public health, hospitality, project management, education and sports management.

Each campus has its own distinct character, yet all aim to enhance your education with modern designs and the latest technologies that facilitate collaborative learning.

The Ultimo campus in Sydney supplies students with open plan spaces, high ceilings, plenty of light and creative pods for learning, collaboration and entrepreneurship.

Source: Torrens University

With a learning resource library and a media lab for equipment hire, laptop stations and break out zones, communal Apple desktops, free Wi-Fi and a friendly on-site student services support team, this is an academic haven for 21st century innovators.

If your Torrens adventure takes you to Melbourne, you’ll discover the Fitzroy Campus. Following a similar creative design concept as Ultimo, this campus has a popular rooftop terrace, student kitchen facilities and a cozy indoor lounge area for much needed study breaks.

Plus, with a commitment to operating sustainable and green campuses, Torrens has even built an off-site herb garden for herbal medicine students at Fitzroy!

Gain access to a global network of facilities and connections

Torrens University Australia is part of Laureate International Universities, a leading international network of innovative higher education institutes, comprised of 60 institutions across 20 countries worldwide.

Source: Torrens University

As an international community of universities that encourage learning without boundaries, Laureate grants Torrens students the chance to leverage a network of over 1,000,000 students worldwide, including more than 100,000 online learners.

An academic community that spans 20 countries throughout the Americas, Europe, Africa, Asia and the Middle East, you’ll connect with a global learning community and have the chance to build and maintain a professional network.

Alongside its many industry connections, Torrens places students in insightful internships and proactive work placements where their skills can be shared with welcoming companies.

As Torres graduate, Will Bonney, believes, “The on-the-job training with real clients was the ‘Rosetta Stone’ of my learning experience – this is where the skills and theories came together and my self-confidence took root. I know that I made a difference in the lives of a number of clients, big and small, but all important to the individual.”

Take your talents to the next level with Torrens

With a key emphasis on student placements, personalised learning through small class sizes, flexible online learning spaces and multicultural campuses in multiple locations, Torrens gives you a head start in academics and beyond.

Source: Torrens University

Bridging the gap between graduates and their desired industry, you can take your talents to the next level with this established Australian higher education provider.

For Bachelor of Branded Fashion Design student Leah-Jane Musch, Torrens helped her take her skills out of the classroom and into real-world working environments.

As she explains, “The course fuels my passion because it is so relevant, everything I’m learning in my internship I’m actually applying in real life and get to see directly how it all works together. I also get the chance to travel and see fashion in different parts of the world.”

Where talent meets industry, Torrens inspires and educates students from all over the world at different stages of their career.

So, whether you’re in search of a Master’s programme to coincide with your hectic work schedule or an engaging Bachelor’s programme to propel your career, Torrens University Australia has it all.

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