Top 5 reasons why you should study at Manchester Metropolitan University
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Top 5 reasons why you should study at Manchester Metropolitan University

Great, modern, ambitious — there are many words to describe Manchester Metropolitan University. The most accurate, however, come from its students, academics and graduates.

If you’re wondering whether Manchester Met might be your next stop for a degree, look no further than their testimonies. From an excellent campus location and competitive global programmes to impressive rankings and promising career prospects — this university has it all. Here are five reasons why you shouldn’t hesitate with your application:

You get to live in one of the world’s best cities

It takes a lot to surpass London as the best city in the UK, but Manchester packs a powerful punch in all regards. The rankings and accolades say it all: Manchester was named the best UK city to live in* and was listed as the third best city in the world** in 2021, behind San Francisco and Amsterdam. Besides delicious food from any cuisine imaginable and a bustling social life, Manchester’s admirable commitment to climate action in city planning cemented its spot as an enviable place to live in.

Rayan, a BEng (Hons) Mechanical Engineering student at Manchester Met seems to think so, and is now living his study abroad dreams. “When I was thinking of going abroad, I was looking at going to a big university, a big campus in a big city. When Manchester Met gave me an offer, I saw a great opportunity for me, and I took it,” says the student from Pakistan. Who wouldn’t want to live in a city rich with history, numerous free galleries and museums, with the beautiful countryside nearby if you need a quick getaway from city life?

Its central location also means that the University is linked to multiple parts of the city through every form of transportation. This ease of access is another plus for international students to familiarise themselves with the city’s environment.

You’re joining a dynamic international community

Much like the city itself, Manchester Met’s vibrancy is largely infused with a very pronounced international character. The university has over 2,700 students from 130 countries pursuing multiple programmes all over campus, which gives you the chance to form meaningful connections with people from across the globe. Prospective students can catch a glimpse of university life through regular online events. As a graduate, you will join a distinguished network with over 320,000 members in 170 countries.

A location is only amplified by its people and culture, and Manchester Met students have plenty to benefit from the campus environment. “The schools [universities] in the UK provide a really academic atmosphere for me to study in, and also be inspired,” says Zoe, an Architecture student from Macau. At Manchester Met, world-class facilities are open to all students to truly integrate within a unique community combining a campus-feel atmosphere with a big-city setting.

Manchester Metropolitan University

At Manchester Metropolitan University, students benefit from a vibrant social life.

You’re studying in a high-impact university

Manchester Met is ranked 56th in the UK according to the Complete University Guide, and is the UK’s greenest university on People & Planet’s University League. At the heart of its core mission, this modern university is impact-driven while striving to increase accessibility to higher education for all. The University’s key strategy is intertwined with efforts and projects administered in the city, which incorporate businesses, the larger community and also academics on the local and international stage.

As a Manchester Met student, you can choose from wide-ranging courses where you can be forward-thinking and explore how you can leave your own mark. 85% of the university’s research impact is rated as world leading.

For Ryan, a postgraduate student from India, the same concept also takes root in his TESOL and Applied Linguistics studies. “The course has equipped me with the skills that I require to work in the field of TESOL and applied linguistics. It has trained me to think and engage critically in the work that I do.”

You’ll become more employable

Did you know that 91% of Manchester Met graduates are employed or progress to further education approximately 15 months after graduation†? This is in large part due to the university’s dedicated Careers Service team who provide ongoing support throughout your study period and beyond. Even the University’s alumni are given lifelong access to the digital careers services. The Centre is a one-stop base to launch your career goals: you can attend advice workshops, career fairs and employability events, participate in industry networking, work on your interview skills and CV while exploring endless options to your post-graduation route.

“For my course, I need hands-on training, I need industry-standard knowledge. All of these are found in Manchester Metropolitan University. Even after graduation, they still support your career development, which is what I need,” explains Adeyanju, an MSc Business Analytics student from Nigeria.

In fact, many courses offer work placement and internship opportunities for a head start into working in the industry of your choice. Part-time on campus work is another viable option for students looking for practical experience. Many graduates are eligible to apply for a Graduate Immigration Route visa which if successful provides permission to stay in the UK for at least 2 years.

Manchester Metropolitan University

Whether it’s landing a job or getting help with language support, Manchester Metropolitan University is equipped with centres and resources to thoroughly assist students over the course of their studies.

You’re never on your own

Choosing to study abroad is a daring move that is filled with challenges and discoveries. Manchester Met ensures that every step of your educational experience is supported. This was the case for American student Lilly, who is pursuing a masters in Speech and Language Therapy. “The school [university] has been so accommodating, making the scary transition from my home country to the UK as smooth as possible,” she reflects.

The assistance begins even before you step foot in the UK. International students can access pre-departure sessions, visa guides, and arrival support to properly settle in. The Language Centre provides comprehensive language support throughout your study period through pre-sessional English and bespoke language courses. Student wellbeing is also a priority on campus, and there are numerous services available for mental health and wellness.

Given everything Manchester Met has to offer and more, it’s no wonder why international students choose this urban campus. If you want to join them, application is now open for the 2022-23 academic year, and you might just be eligible for a number of scholarships to begin your life in the UK.

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