Education has long been considered the key to success, and we are left searching for the institution that will fill us with knowledge and wisdom, and ultimately prime us into admirable world citizens. We must consider though, that knowledge is not the only characteristic we must possess to have a successful, dynamic career. Socrates, one of the greatest minds in the history of the world once said that, “The only true wisdom is knowing you know nothing.” so perhaps it’s time for us to stop putting knowledge on a pedestal, and start harnessing the value of the entire human being.

Integrity, discipline and honour (amongst a host of others) are invaluable traits that should also be developed, yet, these social qualities are consistently overlooked in the traditional academic curriculum, but this is not the case in Military Schools. These schools incorporate military tradition into their academic offerings, and provide an environment that is completely different to that of traditional schools. They emphasise discipline, collaboration, and goal-oriented achievement in fine balance with military organisation and ambitious academics. The goal of these fine-tuned institutions is to produce accomplished graduates who do not shy away from leadership, and that counts for both their military and civilian pursuits.

If you are questioning Military School, you should probably consider the United States as it is home to the finest Military Institutions in the world. To help you make up your mind, we have compiled a list of our Top 5 Military Schools in the United States of America:

1. Oak Ridge Military Academy, Oak Ridge, North Carolina


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Oak Ridge Military Academy is a community of caring educators and mentors who work to build youth into successful student leaders. ORMA creates an environment that fosters sound values, encourages learning, and provides opportunities to practice positive influence today so they will shape cultures tomorrow. This vision is rooted in the belief that Character, Knowledge, and Influence are the building blocks of Leadership.

ORMA is unique in the sense that much of the learning takes place outside of the classroom, whilst successfully instilling the attributes needed for graduates to go on to America’s most prestigious universities. Cadets learn by doing, whether that’s through the Army Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps programme, by leading and teaching other Cadets, or taking part in rigorous physical activities. ORMA places important emphasis on athletics, with sporting teams and facilities that are truly second to none. This co-curricular standing allows Cadets to blend academic learning with exciting opportunities such as Arts of Valour, Drill teams or Honor Guard.

ORMA is a fantastic option for students who flourish with firm structure. It offers a safe environment where Cadets grow strong in body and in mind. It is also renowned for its superb academic track record; class sizes are small, and the curriculum is modelled around the needs of the individual student. Mentoring is an important part of a student’s continuous development. ORMAs particular strengths are its excellent Math, Science and Technology courses, with it also being one of the very few institutions in the state to offer Zoology at high school level.

2. Riverside Military Academy, Gainesville, Georgia

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Riverside Military Academy, established in 1907, is one of the nation’s premier all-boys college preparatory schools. Its diverse Corps of Cadets consists of more than 500 Cadets from 27 countries.

Its distinctive military structure, academic and athletic programs, and leadership development enhance the overall educational experience of young men in grades 7-12. Studies have shown that the Boarding School experience can be a social and emotional bridge to developing a sense of independence in young people. Boarding School students tend to be more engaged, hard-working, independent, confident and prepared to face new challenges.

The majority of Riverside’s Cadet Corps reside on-campus, so the Cadet experience transcends the classroom and reaches all areas of Cadet life. Riverside’s barracks complex is divided into company units, each housing 40-50 students. All companies are supervised round-the-clock by Riverside Teacher/Advisor/Counselor Officers.

Students from diverse geographic, ethnic, and social backgrounds live, study, and play together. They create enduring bonds connecting them not only to their classmates, but also to Riverside alumni around the world. Each interaction with their peers is a learning opportunity that builds lifelong friendships and unforgettable memories for these cadets.

3. Hargrave Military Academy, Chatham, Virginia



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Hargrave Military Academy works hard to continually improve the quality of education delivered to its Cadets. Over the past ten years, this effort has been vast. From campus wide wireless network accessing research databases, the Internet and eBooks from both classrooms and Cadet rooms; to brand new campus space labs; to an entirely new way to teach middle school students, and college placements, Hargrave has run the range.

As crazy as it might sound, young men can be trained for success. Over 100 years ago, that was the goal when Hargrave was founded by a Baptist Minister and local Chatham business man. Their vision, paired withthe military model, laid the foundation for a school that remains successful in its mission as it soldiers through the years.

Most students are surprised to find out that military life at Hargrave is not what they expected. The initial fear of the unknown can be great with new Cadets, but every Cadet that’s been before them was once in the exact same position. The anxiety of a different type of school culture plus the adventure of being away from home can be overwhelming at first, and this is a shared feeling, but those Cadets also know that the feeling passes once the military system is learned and the student adapts.

4. St. John’s Northwestern Military Academy, Delafield, Wisconsin

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St. John’s Northwestern Military Academy is a private, all-male college prep and leadership development school that combines personalised academic instruction, mandatory participation in athletics, ongoing instruction in ethics and values, and a structured, military-style environment that together allow each student an opportunity to achieve his full potential. The goal of the Academy is to prepare Cadets for a successful life by instilling them with a solid work ethic, an understanding of value, integrity and teamwork, and the ability to think critically, communicate well, and function in a diverse world that’s ever-changing.

Since 1884, the School has been developing the minds and shaping the character of young men from around the country and around the world, many of whom have gone on to achieve great success. Among the School’s natable alumni include heads of state, key business leaders, professional athletes, accomplished artists, statesmen, politicians and a variety of others who have made important contributions to a broad spectrum of society.

The structured, military-style at St. John’s Northwestern provides the framework for all activities. Carrying forward the Academy’s heritage and values, the School’s military traditions include uniform dress, parades, formations, rank and promotion, internal Corps competitions and recognition through awards. The Academy fosters a challenging yet student-centred format for Cadets to compete, live and succeed.

St. John’s Northwestern Military Academy immerses young men in a culture of leadership that inspires personal growth through a commitment to excellence in Academics, Spiritual and Character Development, Athletics and Military Traditions.

5. Howe Military Academy, Howe, Indiana

Howe Military Academy is a private, coeducational, college-prep boarding school for grades 7-12. Howe provides a military educational model that helps cadets build the leaderships skills that will benefit them throughout their lives. Their leadership development model integrates knowledge, character, education, and application. It not only prepares cadets for advanced education, it cultivates the character and intellect required for success in any pursuit.

Howe is dedicated to the broad development of cadets through rigorous academics, physical activity, and spiritual growth. Welcoming cadets of all faiths, Howe maintains a close relationship with the Episcopal Church and Junior Reserve Officer’s Training Corps (JROTC). Through the three facets of Howe Military Academy, cadets are able to develop self-discipline, strong moral character, physical wellbeing, leadership, citizenship, logical thinking, and effective communication skills. The Academy attempts to nurture each cadet’s sense of responsibility toward all races and socioeconomic classes, and instils a set of values that will guide lifelong cooperation and service.

Cadets quickly learn what the Academy’s expectations are and how they should proactively meet those expectations. By immersing cadets in a curriculum that prepares them for the demands of college, Howe Military Academy improves each cadet’s potential for success. In 2013, 90% of Howe’s graduate class was accepted for admission into a college or university in the U.S. or abroad.