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Thrive in the digital economy with Surrey’s Financial Data Science MSc

The Harvard Business Review once described “data scientist” as “the sexiest job of the 21st Century.” Even five years ago, IBM projected a staggering 2,720,000 job vacancies in data science by 2020. However, the emergence of COVID-19 accelerated and grew the demand for data scientists even further as digital transformations were put on fast forward. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the number of open positions continues to grow, with a projected growth rate of nearly 28% in the number of jobs requiring data science skills from 2016 to 2026.

As such, professionals with the right skills in this field are in high demand. By pursuing the Financial Data Science MSc programme at the University of Surrey, you’ll not only attain those highly sought-after skills but also be in the driving seat for shaping the future of finance and data-driven decision-making in an ever-evolving global economy.

With the financial industry undergoing a remarkable transformation, data science has become an indispensable tool in many areas. And not just within financial analysis — something the MSc programme leader Professor Dorje C Brody can attest to.

“Everywhere you go in the world, people are searching for skilled data scientists who can help them enhance their business opportunities. Additional knowledge on financial markets acquired from this programme will further broaden employment prospects,” he says.

University of Surrey

The Financial Data Science MSc follows a comprehensive curriculum in financial markets, modelling, and AI for market analysis. Source: University of Surrey

The MSc programme equips students with cutting-edge knowledge and expertise in artificial intelligence (AI), data science, financial modelling, and economic theory. The curriculum includes a wide range of modules, including fundamentals of blockchain, corporate finance and portfolio management, machine learning methods and big data, and more.

All these enable you to acquire knowledge on the implementation of data science methods while developing a strong grasp of the mathematical foundations that underpin machine learning tools. You’ll dive into the dynamics of financial markets – exploring asset pricing, risk management and portfolio theory. Along the way, you’ll master advanced modelling techniques and quantitative methods to analyse real-world financial data, and discover the transformative power of AI and machine learning in deciphering market behaviours and making data-driven predictions.

One of the MSc’s standout features is the calibre of its faculty and industry partners. Expert academics teach the courses with a wealth of knowledge and experience in data science and finance. The best part? Surrey is strategically positioned near London’s financial hub. This proximity to one of the world’s leading financial centres opens up a world of opportunities for students. You can easily engage with financial institutions, attend networking events, and explore internship and job prospects. The MSc also offers a solid foundation for research in data science or mathematics, or one of the many disciplines where these are applied. As a data scientist or machine learning engineer, students will be well-positioned for a wide range of specialist roles.

University of Surrey

According to Graduate Outcomes 2023, HESA, 95% of the University of Surrey’s postgraduate students go on to work or further study. Source: University of Surrey

Ranked 13th in the UK’s Complete University Guide 2024 league table and 244th in the QS World University Rankings 2024, the University of Surrey is known for producing exceptional graduates. This is largely due to Surrey’s award-winning careers service. Here, students receive valuable career guidance and support during their studies and for three years after graduation. The result? 95% of postgraduate students go on to work or further study (Graduate Outcomes 2023, HESA).

It’s something Alastair McCall, editor of The Times and The Sunday Times Good University Guide is impressed with.

“Surrey has an enviable record in the graduate jobs market, with consistently large numbers of graduates going into high-skilled jobs when they leave,” McCall says. “This is no accident; the pathways to their later success are laid down during their studies. The university has an exceptional placement programme for its students and is renowned for working closely with the business community.”

For those seeking financial assistance, the university awards international excellence scholarships to deserving candidates.

Interested? Learn more about the Financial Data Science MSc at Surrey.

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