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In a world that’s constantly changing, the competition for fresh graduates is at an all-time high. To get ahead of the crowd, employers are looking for students who have actively participated in work experience placements. According to the High Fliers Graduate Market (GM) 2017 report, over a third of recruiters who took part in the research repeated their warnings from previous years – that “graduates who have had no previous work experience at all are unlikely to be successful during the selection process and have little or no chance of receiving a job offer for their organisations’ graduate programmes.”

That’s why the University of Surrey offers you the option to pursue a year of professional training. By understanding the fundamental link between a reputable qualification and your career, they have set up graduate employability services especially for you. With the Professional Training placement programme in place, you can secure your career and plan ahead.

What will I get back from the programme?

As Business and Retail management student, Olivia Cameron, demonstrates in her short film, the University of Surrey led her to an incredible placement year at Marks and Spencer. As she explains in the video: “I would 100 percent recommend the placement year, for me, it’s just made me so much more focused and a mature individual. I believe that it can do the same for everyone who goes on the year. It’s given me that competitive edge over any other graduates and it’s really valuable.”

Just like Olivia, you will be presented with a unique opportunity to link up with your desired industry. This is a serious game changer as you’ll be one step ahead of the competition. From more than 2,300 partner organisations, you will be supported to complete a competitive process for the ideal placement and company that best suits your subject area.

Why should I choose Surrey?

The University of Surrey is a cut above the rest for career enhancement. After years of informative lectures and intense exams, you’ll be eager to convert all that hard work into a promising career. That’s why there’s an Employability and Careers centre that’s ready to shape your academic ambitions. It’s a dynamic service that offers you interview guidance, CV checks, employer-led skills workshops and a speedy 15-minute session to assess your covering letter. If you’re someone who prefers self-study, there’s also the option to search the online job vacancy service, as well as the library of career reference books and factsheets.

Amazed by the University of Surrey’s optimistic attitude, BEng (Hons) student, Alexander Patton, found his Professional Training placement and careers centre to be extremely beneficial. He states, “I’m originally from the United States and came to Surrey to study Aerospace Engineering. As part of my course, I spent my Professional Training year at TE Connectivity in Munich, Germany.” Patton found that Surrey’s career support system and professional training increased his confidence and business awareness.

“I understand now what it means to be an engineer. I understand perspective, innovation and the systematic approach, and how to apply them in all aspects of the professional world. At the same time, I appreciate just how much more there is to learn every day as my career continues to develop.”

How do International students apply for the programme?

If you’re an international student with a Tier 4 visa then you’re eligible to apply for the professional training placement. If you opt for a course with an in-built training year, you’ll receive integrated training which will enable you to demonstrate your professional capabilities to potential employers. This bodes well in the working world as it shows that you’ve already worked in the UK and that you’re highly capable of adapting to new environments. You can apply for the visa inside and outside of the UK and the University of Surrey is on-hand to walk you through the process.

It’s clear to see why Surrey is a popular choice for the international audience when you take a look at the facts and figures. The university ranks 5th place in the THE 2017 Student Experience Survey and the experts in higher education (HESA 2017) found that 93 percent of Surrey graduates find employment within six months.

Will I feel prepared for the Professional Training year?

The answer is yes! With consistently high graduate employability figures, the University of Surrey is no stranger to student satisfaction. With this support network in place, you’ll feel ready to take the next step in your professional development plan. It doesn’t matter where you’re from or which particular career path you choose, students here are treated fairly and your future is in safe hands.

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