This company is offering one person a paid creative media scholarship
Watch out for this opportunity! Source: Brooke Cagle/ Unsplash

Calling all creatives!

Are you desperate to get into the world of creative media but are constrained by financial worries and fears of student debt?

Are you passionate about creative disciplines such as digital design, animation, motion graphics, video editing or production, but are unsure where to start?

If yes, here’s an incredible opportunity from the international fashion magazine, Cosmopolitan.

Starting from September 2, 2019, this media mogul is offering one lucky applicant a scholarship that will cover tuition fees and accommodation in Cambridge (UK) for The Extended Diploma in Creative Media course at the innovative Cambridge School of Visual & Performing Arts (CSVPA).

As a university that stands at the forefront of the emerging creative economy, a chance to take a course at CSVPA would be a dream for any artistic intellect.

It’s also a smart move to make if you want to become an integral part of an innovative future – especially since Sir Peter Bazalgette outlined in last year’s Independent Review of the Creative Industries: “Creative jobs will become a significantly higher percentage of the overall employment landscape by 2030, given their resistance to automation. It is imperative that education and skills frameworks support sectors where the jobs of the future are going to be found.”

Unleash your creativity with this CSVPA course. Source: Oleg Ivanov/Unsplash

Am I eligible for this scholarship?

Before you get too excited, it’s always wise to check out the requirements for any scholarship opportunities.

For this Cosmo/CSVPA opening, these are the requirements:

  • Age: 16-18 years
  • Educational Level: A minimum of 4 x GCSE’s at grade C or above, at least one of which should be in a media or art and design subject, or an equivalent overseas qualification.
  • English Level: IELTS 4.5+ (no element under 4.0) and a portfolio is not required.
  • Start: September
  • Course Length: Two years – six terms
  • Progression: Degrees & further education in Art & Design, Visual communication, 3D Design, Fashion, Fine Art, Media Studies, Media, Games Design, Animation, Film, Video/TV Production.
  • Taught Contact Time: Up to 23-hours per week, English Language Up to five hours per week if required.

Alongside these requirements, the scholarship also expects you to provide a personal statement of 500 words to explain why you’re the best fit for the scholarship and how this scholarship will ignite your creative spark and drive your artistic ambitions.

The course itself supports you to become an independent thinker and challenges you to push boundaries and create without restrictive barriers. The modules you’ll experience over the two years will be both contemporary and dynamic, acting as platforms to elevate your potential.

The application for this particular scholarship is open now and you can click here to start the process.

Please be aware that the deadline for this opportunity is June 30, 2019, so you must prepare your 500 word segment in advance and evaluate this opening wisely.

It’s not every day that you get a free pass into today’s global creative industries, so work hard and keep your creative spirits alive with the CSVPA!

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