The Village School: Nurturing tomorrow’s innovators through dynamic opportunities
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The Village School: Nurturing tomorrow’s innovators through dynamic opportunities

As they say, it takes a village to raise a child. A whole community is needed to help create a safe and healthy environment that will build the foundation for a fruitful life. With education it is important a student feels nurtured and has the space to make mistakes and learn, while forming into a young adult. Some schools, and villages, do this better than others. 

The Village School student Leonardo Medina Falcon says, “I have become closer to the best version of myself, in terms of knowledge, physical shape, and good habits.” Hailing from Mexico, he is part of the The Village School’s Residential Life programme which allows him to enjoy a stellar education at this Houston, Texas institution while staying on campus. There is an element of flexibility with the boarding programmes available at The Village School, as they understand that each family’s needs are different. 

Students can join the seven-day boarding full-time or five-day boarding, which is handy for those with family in the area. Open to students from seventh to 12th grade, and with more than 150 students from 20 countries, this is a space where children can learn from role models from all walks of life.

Gone are the days when boarding school was thought to be a place to “correct” misbehaving children. Today, it’s a premium offering of some of the most impactful education in the world. It’s where students amass, in the ways most effective for them, the integral life skills and confidence to independently navigate the world after graduation. “The experience I’ve gained in becoming more independent and the advanced education provided at The Village School will definitely help me in my future,” Falcon says.

No matter what their starting point, everyone receives the best care, resources, and services. At The Village School, 95% of parents report their child is happy and 92% say their child has an excellent relationship with their teachers. Falcon was neither fluent in English nor knowledgeable when he first started at The Village School. That soon changed with lots of support from his teachers. “I personally have received a large amount of support from my entrepreneurship teacher Ms. Elliston who has provided me with skills and knowledge I can implement, not just in my exams, but in my life and future businesses,” he says. 

With a team backing you, children can truly focus on their academics. “Raising your child’s academic achievement is our #1 priority at The Village School,” says head of school Bill Delbrugge. “To help our students stay motivated and give their absolute best, our world-class teachers provide exceptional learning experiences. Our international community is welcoming and allows each child to flourish.”

There are numerous benefits to the Residential Life programme at The Village School, from the structure that comes from daily routine to the exceptional facilities. Residential Life students at The Village School have access to top-line professional security personnel as well as registered nurses, school counsellors, and outside physicians for health needs.

Naturally, students have a lot to take away from the experience which will help them in the future. “The most important lesson I have learned is ‘The highest form of wisdom is the continuous search for knowledge’,” Falcon says. “I try to pursue that by reading every single day and finishing self-development books almost every week.” 

The life lessons Falcon has gained do not end there. “It’s essential to have a strong mind as well as a strong body, to keep yourself in a rigorous and disciplined routine so the goals you have can be accomplished,” he says. “I have also learned how important international relationships are. I have learned different languages, cultures, and cuisines from different countries I had never heard of before I joined The Village School.”

Passionate about his business management, economics and entrepreneurship classes, Falcon managed to kickstart a club called “Business Brains” so students can increase their passion and knowledge in entrepreneurship. With exciting opportunities like these, students can really spread their wings and explore the areas that mean the most to them.

Like many of his classmates, Falcon has big dreams for the future and his classes have been customised to help him realise them. “I aspire to become an influential person in the business and entrepreneurship field,” he says. “My curriculum includes classes such as IB Business Management, IB Economics, Small Business Operations and Entrepreneurship.” 

His next step? Excelling at IE University in Madrid, Spain after graduation from Village. When asked for his advice to those thinking of joining The Village School’s boarding programme, he says, “Do it. Studying abroad will be valuable for different reasons:  experience, relationships, knowledge, and exposure to leaving your comfort zone. It has definitely been the best choice I have made!”

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