The power of Northeastern University’s MS in Management
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The power of Northeastern University’s MS in Management

When it comes to developing in-demand business skills and specialized expertise, the “one size fits all” approach to management education is not cutting it anymore. That’s why the D’Amore-McKim School of Business at Northeastern University is doing things differently with its one-year MS in Management program, otherwise known as MS x.

“The MS x program focuses on offering you flexibility in your classes, even in your core curriculum, so you can chart your own path,” explains Kate Klepper, Northeastern’s Associate Dean of Graduate Programs. “Whether you want to build on expertise from past coursework or acquire entirely new skills, the MS x program provides you with choices and flexibility to position yourself for success.”

The four core areas each represent a market-aligned competency: Managing Organizations, Data-Driven Management, Strategy & Growth, and Finance & Operations. Beyond this, you can focus your learning on developing expertise in a specific area by choosing from 13 in-demand concentrations, such as Brand Management, Corporate Finance, or Operations and Supply Chain Management. You can further benefit from the program’s flexibility if you want to acquire non-business skills to break into a new industry or build upon your undergraduate area of study by selecting an elective from other Northeastern graduate schools.

“The ‘x’ in MS x is for interdisciplinary and for experiential,” Klepper says. “This is a unique program because when you look at other business schools, it’s hard for students to take courses outside the business school and apply what they’ve learned to actual business challenges. We’ve figured that out for you.”

Experience-powered learning

As an MS x student, you’ll learn by doing. At Northeastern, experience-driven opportunities can be found inside and outside the classroom. You’ll apply your learnings regularly through project-based work that sharpens your thinking and builds your confidence.

Take IDEA, the student-led venture accelerator, as an example. It empowers and supports D’Amore-McKim’s budding entrepreneurs. By taking part, you’re preparing to stand out in the challenging world of start-up companies alongside alumni mentors with relevant business experience and student coaches who can assist in developing a strong business plan.

More interested in managing real investments? You can join the student-managed 360 Huntington Fund. This opportunity lets graduate students at Northeastern learn industry-level skills that simulated investment exercises could never teach. In the process, expect to learn the ins and outs of effectively researching, authoritatively recommending, and confidently choosing the right stocks.

The MS x’s emphasis on experience-fuelled learning could also transport you across the globe. The three-credit elective Global Field Study gives you valuable exposure to the global business environment in just one week. This year, students have immersed themselves in the business practices and cultures of Portugal and Italy.

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You could also join the intensive, five-day elective Washington, DC Residency, networking with and learning from current and former legislators and staff, senior civil servants, business executives, lobbyists, and other officials. These connections offer first-hand insight into how public policy affects the U.S. and global economies.

Meeting industry needs and more

The in-demand business skills and specialized expertise you’ll gain are closely aligned with industry needs. “Northeastern is uniquely positioned in its depth and breadth of relationships with employers,” says Klepper. “It is not a transactional relationship where employers come to campus once a year to hire our students. They’re integrated into everything we do, whether it’s advisory boards, mentoring, guest speakers, longstanding relationships, or partnerships with our programs.”

Full-time study of the MS x is F-1 visa compliant—allowing you to become eligible to apply for Optional Practical Training (OPT) and work for up to 12 months in the U.S. Northeastern’s Office of Global Services will help you comply with your international student visa requirements throughout your studies and employment experiences. Meanwhile, the Global Student Success team provides international and non-native English-speaking students with high-quality language, academic, and cultural support.

Advance your career with Northeastern’s support

Add experience-powered learning to the combination of core business skills and the in-demand concentration you choose for your MS x, and you’re set to advance to the next chapter in your career. Whether you want to join a new industry through professional experience and focused knowledge or grow your career in your current field, the MS x will prepare you for your next step.

It’s your path to chart. D’Amore-McKim’s career advisors are always ready to help you reach your goals. Through D’Amore-McKim’s Graduate Career Center, students work with dedicated advisors in one-on-one coaching sessions to nurture invaluable personal and professional skills. The Career Center also provides tools and tactics to expand your connections and identify career opportunities aligned with your unique goals. Expect to be invited to take part in career coaching, professional development, and networking opportunities throughout your time in the program and after graduation. Whatever your career goals, Northeastern’s vibrant and welcoming student body and faculty — which hail from over 100 countries—are ready to help you achieve them.

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