The most worthwhile postgraduate course in 2019 is marketing. Here's why.
Source: La Trobe Business School

There’s never been a more exciting time to bring your marketing career to the next level. As technological innovations spring up faster than ever, brands and clients are clamouring for inspiring synergy between machines and creative ideas. From Big Data to blockchain and the Internet of Things (IoT), industry analysts are anticipating disruption and growth in pretty much every field.

To capitalise on this, the right skills, experience and flexibility will be crucial for aspiring digital leaders. In Australia, one university offers all the above and more: La Trobe University.

Located in Melbourne, La Trobe Business School delivers excellence in teaching and research in one of the world’s best young universities. This is where the next CMOs and digital business specialists get a head-start through innovative postgraduate programmes.

In the ever-changing world of digital marketing and communication, this is where you can gain the essential skills and knowledge needed to stay on top of the game. La Trobe’s Master of Marketing and Masters of Digital Marketing Communications are courses that prepare graduates for a broad range of general and specialised marketing roles, from Digital Brand Manager to Social Media Manager or Marketing and PR consultant.

“The emergence of the digital age is redefining marketing as a discipline. Therefore, students seeking to embark on a career in marketing must now be cognisant of the rapidly evolving trends with digital technologies,” Malliga Marimuthu, La Trobe’s Senior Lecturer in Marketing and Programme Director for Marketing, told Study International.

Source: La Trobe Business School

Master of Marketing

Choosing the Master of Marketing (MoM) at La Trobe means selecting a programme with high impact and relevance in the rapidly-changing business world.

In addition to studying consumer behaviour, decision-making, brand strategy, advertising, contemporary analytical platforms and product management, students here gain the relevant and critical soft skills needed to thrive in the world today. This includes communication, data analysis, problem-solving, critical thinking, social media marketing, ethical decision-making and negotiation.

These soft and hard skills are in-demand by employers, according to Paul Patrone, Editor of LinkedIn Learning. Marketing Campaign Management and SEO/SEM Marketing were named among the top 25 hard skills companies need most and are willing to pay highly to recruit. As for soft skills, more than 2,000 business leaders said they’d most like to see their employees display leadership, communication, collaboration and time management capabilities.

The MoM degree, which is professionally-accredited by the Australian Marketing Institute, also serves as a pathway to postgraduate coursework and research degrees that enhance professional development. Students can choose to upgrade their skills by specialising in Business Analytics, or otherwise invest in a research specialisation.

The former gives students an in-depth understanding of IT alignment to business, governance and infrastructure as well as hands-on experience in IBM Cognos and Microsoft Power BI to develop analytics solutions for diverse business problems.

Source: La Trobe Business School

Meanwhile, high-achieving students opting to specialise in research can opt to study business research methods and progress to a business research thesis. This is suitable for those who prefer to attain in-depth current perspectives and know-how in business principles and practices to give them an edge in the business world.

While some may still have doubts about how a postgraduate degree can embellish business insights more than industry experience, rest assured that tuition at the Business School takes a practical approach. With respected and well-published industry thought leaders like Professor Gillian Sullivan Mort as distinguished members of faculty, students at La Trobe can look forward to engaging methods of teaching.

Instead of one-way lectures and rote learning, the Master of Marketing at La Trobe uses case studies sourced from real-world scenarios, delivered by teaching staff with real-world experience and enhanced by frequent industry guest speakers.

Master of Digital Marketing Communications

The school’s latest course offering allows students to develop specific skills in modern marketing and communication disciplines. To perform as leaders in a diverse range of digital business environments, graduates must possess interdisciplinary skills, combining digital marketing and communication to develop advanced knowledge of the field.

Source: La Trobe Business School

“‘The Master of Digital Marketing Communications will equip our postgraduates as leaders in digital,” says Simon Pervan, Professor of Marketing and Department Head of Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Marketing. “From reaching customers online and leveraging digital channels, to data visualisation, crisis management, and corporate communication, they will cover all aspects of digital marketing communications.”

Among the electives provided are strategic political communication, strategic communication strategy, customer relationship management and social media practice and journalism.

“Applied projects ensure they leave with the future-ready skills sought after by employers – and for their own business success,” explained Pervan.

2019 is the year marketers expect to unlock voice. And there’s no better place to be part of this exciting journey than at La Trobe University, Australia.

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