Business Schools that empower agile talent
Source: La Trobe Business School

An agile talent management strategy is designed to increase the overall productivity and capabilities of the workforce, adapting talent management approaches, tools and resources in response to the dynamic economy and the changing needs of major business units.

We now sit in an Era of Agile Talent, in which more freelance and contingent workers are employed to carry out strategic work for businesses rather than just filling in, or carrying out administrative or operational tasks.

This model scraps the one-size-fits-all idea used by many organizations in favour of a flexible model, with more professionals being employed for specific tasks on a freelance basis.

In executing this management strategy, businesses rapidly shift between recruiting, retaining, developing, redeploying staff and releasing “surplus” talent as corporate needs continue to fluctuate. With this strategy comes an increased demand for agile business graduates, prepared for the changing world of modern business.

Source: University of Lincoln, Faculty of Agribusiness and Commerce

Business schools all over Australasia now offer exciting, career-specific business degrees that allow you to enhance your agile talent and take your career to the next level.

Whether you want to specialise in Digital Marketing, Agribusiness or Wine Science, you’ll find a course in either Australia or New Zealand that’s the perfect fit for you.

Studying one of these courses will make you a highly sought-after professional in your field, equipped with the relevant skills and flexibility as you become the exemplar of agile talent in the business environment.


With exciting, career-specific masters options, this innovative, responsible and engaged business school in Melbourne – the APAC’s most sustainable city – is the perfect choice for honing your marketing skills and improving your business acumen.

Choosing the Master of Marketing at La Trobe means you’ll study consumer behaviour, decision making, brand strategy, advertising, contemporary analytical platforms and product management. Refreshed for 2019, this programme ensures impact and relevance in a rapidly-changing world. You’ll also build your skills in communication, data analysis, problem solving, critical thinking, social media marketing, ethical decision making and negotiation.

Source: La Trobe Business School

Brand-new for 2019, the Master of Digital Marketing Communications  allows you to develop specific skills in Digital Marketing and Communication Strategy.

Once you graduate from either of these programmes, you’ll be ready for a varied and exciting career in marketing, communications or public relations. Potential career outcomes include Digital Brand Manager, Social Media Manager, Public Relations and Crisis Management Consultant, Strategic Communication Manager and Chief Digital Officer.


If you have an interest in the business of wine, there’s no better place to learn than Adelaide – Southern Australia’s capital and the gateway to 18 world-famous wine regions.

The School of Agriculture, Food and Wine at the University of Adelaide offers a variety of courses in Wine Science. The university researches the wine-making process and how to manipulate it to improve wine quality, extending over the whole of the grape and wine value chain.

Source: University of Adelaide, School of Agriculture, Food and Wine

The university even offers a Masters of Wine Business course, providing specialist education in wine business and market development, an incredible opportunity to get a foot in the door of the wine business.

You’ll learn about the specific needs of both the domestic and global wine trade, with significant involvement from industry experts and a unique emphasis on the industry of wine production and sales.

You’ll combine cutting-edge, world-best-practice wine marketing skills with working knowledge in both winemaking and viticulture, enabling you to positively impact the entire wine value chain, once you embark on your career in wine business.

Graduates of this course attain the professional skills to devise and implement wine business and global market development principles, theories and strategies in the domestic and international wine industry.


The Faculty of Agribusiness and Commerce at the University of Lincoln in New Zealand offers career-tailored business programmes, allowing you to work on your agile talent; in this case, the Bachelor of Agribusiness and Food Marketing course.

Source: University of Lincoln, Faculty of Agribusiness and Commerce

This undergraduate degree equips you with a sound applied knowledge of core business concepts and the unique commercial considerations of the multi-billion dollar primary production industry.

The business of food production and food marketing is rapidly changing, with a ballooning global population and the constraints of finite resources, a more savvy approach is required. Furthermore, there’s an increase in the sophistication and purchasing power of consumers worldwide, which means the demand for a diverse range of high-quality products has also increased.

During this course, you’ll gain a contextual understanding of how the global agribusiness and food marketing sectors will help meet this demand.

An 18-week period of Practical Work is a required to pass this qualification, where you’ll gain practical experience working in aspects of the food industry, including production systems (horticultural and agricultural), adding value to primary products or marketing.

With agribusiness being the main focus of domestic industry in New Zealand, also accounting for 70 percent the country’s total exports, food companies are looking for Agribusiness and Food Marketing graduates throughout the agrifood value chain.

Possible positions for graduates include product sales, customer service, marketing and communications, new product innovation, logistics and supply chain management, business development, as well as quality and supply management.


If you’re not so sure which business division you’d like to specialise in but want to be prepared for the current business environment of agile talent, you could study a Bachelor of Business at QUT Business School

Source: QUT Business School

This course is designed so you can explore all core topics in your first year, so that when it comes to choosing your major in second year you can make an informed decision.

There are eight major study areas to choose from plus second majors, minors or electives, so you can tailor your business degree to your career aspirations, giving you relevant and desirable skills you can offer future employers.

Major study areas include the fundamentals of business; from Accountancy to Human Resource Management, and International Business to Marketing.

Australia’s first business school with triple international accreditation – a distinction held by less than one percent of business schools worldwide – QUT Business School is highly regarded as ‘a university for the real world’ because of its close links to industry, relevant teaching and applied research.

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