The King’s Hospital School is Ireland’s premier boarding school, home to several hundred students and ideally located just outside Dublin city limits. King’s Hospital prides itself on nurturing students who become intelligent and ethical individuals.

Their academic standards breed excellence: the school boasts a 100 percent rate for graduates who move on to university and third level education after leaving King’s Hospital. The administration strives to impart the school’s core values to students, such as honesty and responsibility.

The co-ed student body of 700 is comprised of 50 percent boys and 50 percent girls. Half of the students live on campus, while the others are day schoolers. King’s Hospital seeks to foster a community atmosophere on campus, encouraging students to interact with and support one another.

King’s Hospital welcomes international students and works hard to draw them into the community. The school recognizes the value of having students of different experiences and cultures as part of the community. In fact, they proudly boast of the cosmopolitan environment that has developed on campus. This perfectly reflects King’s Hospital’s location, as Dublin is a thriving international city, and Ireland an increasingly diverse and prosperous country.

Academic life at King’s Hospital is based on a six-year system in which most students enroll between the ages of 12 and 13. The programme is based on the Irish Department of Education’s curriculum and is broken into three segments. The first consists of three years spent working toward the Junior Certificate. This is followed by a transition year, during which students move toward the final stage of their King’s Hospital education, the two years spent preparing for their Leaving Certificate exams.

The transition year, officially known as the Learning Certificate Foundation Year, focuses largely on the personal development of the fourth year students and puts them on track to consider their future plans after they complete their leaving certificate exams.

The King’s Hospital Guidance Department provides students with personalized assistance when it comes to discerning their passions and making course selections. There are currently 28 diverse courses available to students. Students who have learning disabilities can be accommodated at King’s Hospital, through one-on-one tutoring that will enhance their classroom learning. Parents of students with learning disabilities are encouraged to discuss this with the school before their child enrolls, and the faculty will work with them to develop a plan that will give the student the best possible academic experience.

When it comes time to graduate and choose their paths beyond King’s Hospital, guidance counselors can bring their extensive knowledge of international universities to bear. The institution is among the top 20 that feeds into the Irish and European university systems, which may open many doors for King’s Hospital students.

As technological aptitude and knowledge become ever more essential for securing employment and thriving in the academic and professional worlds, King’s Hospital strives to prepare students in this area as well. In 2011, they were named an Apple Centre of Excellence.

The sports and extra-curricular offerings at King’s Hospital are also strong. The tenets of all activities are a pursuit of excellence, loyalty and a sense of balance and fair play. King’s Hospital students are known for their athletic prowess, and many have competed at international and Olympic levels.

With a total of 26 sports supported on campus, students have much to choose from whether they are serious athletes or are simply seeking exercise and recreation. Athletically-inclined students have the option of joining the rugby, hockey, cricket, cross-country and badminton teams, as well as tennis, soccer, swimming, rowing, canoeing and basketball. On-campus facilities are designed to give athletes a safe and state-of-the-art playing experience and include a sports hall and gymnasium, a 25 meter indoor heated pool, hockey and rugby pitches and tennis courts.

International students who choose the King’s Hospital school will have at their fingertips an educational and social experience like none other. As an international city, Dublin offers excellent cultural resources that will inspire and enlighten students of all ages. They will also gain important insight into Irish and European history through their studies, while also benefiting from a safe and comfortable life on campus, whether they are boarders or day students.

The emphasis on community at this school may be of particular interest to international students, who will need to acclimate to their new country as well as the new school environment.

Because of the broad considerations it gives to the well-being and development of its pupils, King’s Hospital makes a particularly attractive choice for parents and students seeking a top level education set within a healthy, nurturing and motivating environment.

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Images via The King’s Hospital

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