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The IT University of Copenhagen: Developing the next generation of data analysts

In the middle of Ørestaden lies The IT University of Copenhagen (ITU) — a leading institution that focuses on IT research and education. Here, over 2,000 students benefit from ITU’s state-of-the-art teaching and research in computer science, business IT and digital design.  

English-German student Nicola Clark is one of them — for her, choosing to study at ITU was one of her best decisions. “Moving to Denmark has been one of the best things that happened to me in both my academic and my personal life,” shares Nicola. 

She has just finished the second year of her BSc in Data Science — the programme she professes to be right for her future career in many ways. “I chose data science because it’s a subject that would play to many of my strengths and interests,” enthuses Nicola. 

“I previously programmed a little and knew that I enjoyed the problem-solving process that was involved. So I knew that choosing a course where I could develop this skill could work out well.” 

Indeed, ITU’s programmes are exemplary for their close collaboration with industry and strong, international environment. ITU students pursuing data science are set to become the next generation of in-demand IT professionals. They become data scientists with comprehensive analytical and technical skills — driving the decision-making of the future. Not only will they learn to work in interdisciplinary teams and make sense of vast amounts of data, but will be able to apply their organisational knowledge and market understanding to make a difference. 

For example, its data science module — Data Visualisation and Data-driven Decision Making — equips you to define data visualisation and identify the most appropriate visualisation strategy. Meanwhile, students explore domain-specific approaches and translate technical concepts to real-world concerns through research-based language during the Data Science in Research, Business and Society module

There is a machine learning module as well. It gives a fundamental introduction to machine learning (ML) with an emphasis on statistical aspects. Students focus on both the theoretical foundation for ML and the application of ML methods. 

Nicola finds it to be amongst the most challenging, yet most interesting, modules thus far. “Machine learning can often seem quite mysterious and I, like many people, did not know much about the topic when I started my studies two years ago,” she shares. 

“Most people interact with several different machine learning models every day, often without even realising or paying attention to them. Learning the mathematics and code that underlie such processes provided a fascinating insight into some of the hidden workings of the digital world. It was by far among the most interesting courses I have taken at ITU so far, despite also being one of the most challenging.” 

The IT University of Copenhagen

The IT University of Copenhagen offers industry-aligned programmes within an international study environment. Source: The IT University of Copenhagen

At ITU, practical learning is emphasised. Second-year students pursuing the data science programme take on a project — Introduction to Natural Language Processing and Deep Learning — that gets them to explore deep neural networks, including representation learning and practical implementations in Python, and work on a real-world problem using natural language processing technology and approaches. 

Pair an international student environment with ITU’s academic excellence, and an unforgettable, rich student experience is what you’ll get. “I have enjoyed many nice beers and chats with people in the park after classes and at the Friday Bar. It’s the people here that make studying fun and interesting,” shares Nicola. 

Plus, with ITU’s approximately 19,000 square-metre building, students have a great space not only for learning, but for making memories too. “Some weekends, especially close to deadlines and exams, I revise at home or at the university with friends. Sometimes we book a study room or meet at the café to study together which can be quite cosy and fun.” 

Students like Nicola are set to graduate ready for a promising career thanks to ITU’s continuous dialogue and close collaboration with relevant industries. Every March and October, ITU organises its IT Match Making fair for companies to hire more-than-qualified students and collaborate with students on projects. 

The IT University of Copenhagen

Over 2,000 students benefit from ITU’s state-of-the-art teaching and research in computer science, business IT and digital design. Source: The IT University of Copenhagen

Nicola describes her ITU experience thus far as challenging, interesting and transformative. “ITU and data science have played a key role in shaping who I am as a person. I feel that ITU has given me an environment where I have been able to grow both emotionally and academically; I am happy with the person I have become here,” she shares. 

“There have been some difficult courses, deadlines, and exams. But for me there is always a great sense of achievement when difficult concepts are understood, work is handed in, and exams are passed.” Kickstart an education at The IT University of Copenhagen here

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