Global society is more interconnected and competitive than ever before, and this has prompted dramatic changes in the dynamics of leadership, professionalism and business. Students who attend university abroad are often better equipped to navigate these shifting dynamics. However, the real prize in 21st-century achievement and marketability is for students who begin their international education at the primary or secondary level.

There are many reasons why parents from all over the globe consider sending their students to international schools and boarding schools, and many advantages this international education can bring:

1. Residential campus environment

Boarding schools education is very closely linked to university education, and the experience a child can get from such a school is excellent preparation for uni life. The residential campus environment offered by boarding schools is a good reflection on the university model and places education and enrichment at the centre of all activities.

2. Passionate and dedicated teaching

International boarding school is more than just campus atmosphere. The faculty members at leading international schools are among the best in the world. In many cases, these are impassioned individuals who pursue teaching as a calling rather than a mere vocation. Passion like this is contagious and produces students and graduates who pursue their own callings with the same zeal.

3. Development as a well-rounded individual

A campus environment also breeds higher degrees of responsibility, independence and individualism. Students are well cared for by the adult staff, but they generally learn to step out and explore on their own earlier in life than their home-bound peers.

4. A head start on language learning

Most international schools offer exceptional language classes for students, as they are experts with working with children from all around the globe. Young international students are in a much better position to acquire and master English language than older learners. Rather than playing catch-up with language proficiency once they enter the international university scene, they are prepared to meet and grapple with the concepts of higher education from day one.

5. World-class facilities

The best international boarding schools also offer facilities and programs with which regular primary and secondary schools simply cannot compete. Music and arts education flourish; aspiring athletes receive expert coaching; and gifted learners are encouraged to attain higher-level certifications and credits before they have even entered the university scene.

It is reasons like these that not only offer an attractive proposition to children and families looking for the best in international education, but it is the advantage that students can gain from this boarding experience that offer endless opportunities for development.

A child who has been lucky enough to attend an international boarding school is in an excellent position to go on to a bright and fulfilling future!